March 16: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 16 is St. Eribert of Cologne, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Eribert of Cologne

Eribert of Cologne was born in 970 into a family which also included many personalities who held important state, military and ecclesiastical positions.

After completing his studies, first at the school of the Cathedral of Worms, later in the monastery of Gorze in Metz, Eribert was appointed chancellor of the emperor Otto III at the age of twenty-five and was commissioned to deal with Italian and German affairs .

After being ordained a priest in 995, he was appointed archbishop of Cologne in 999.

In 1002 he had the task of assisting Ottone on his deathbed near Viterbo and of bringing the body to Aachen.

Shortly thereafter he was arrested on the instructions of the Prince of Bavaria, the future emperor Henry II and, after liberation, was completely marginalized.

Without renouncing the possibility of becoming chancellor, he settled permanently in Cologne, where he began to seriously exercise the ministry of bishop.

He visited all the churches of his extensive archdiocese several times, practicing a life of mercy, of which he made himself a bearer showing a great spirit of penance, prayer and charity towards the needy, with whom he felt closely linked.

Among the miracles recognized to him, it is mentioned that he saved Cologne from hunger, thanks to obtaining, through prayer, rain after a period of persistent drought.

Other miracles attributed to him are having healed one of his chaplains, an obsessed man and a blind woman.

Died March 16, 1021, Eriberto was buried in Deutz near Cologne.

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On the tomb containing his remains, Eriberto is depicted together with the personifications of Humility and Charity, as well as with the Madonna on the throne, while above the cover the most important scenes concerning his life are represented.

Made holy under the pontificate of Pope Gregory IX in 1227, today he is venerated as patron of Deutz and invoked particularly to obtain the gift of rain.

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