March 18: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 18 is Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Born in Jerusalem in 315 and died in the same city on March 18, 387, St. Cyril was theologian and bishop of Jerusalem from around 348 until March 18, 386.

Successor of Bishop Massimo, his episcopate was characterized by the serious crisis involving the Church of the fourth century.

He was exiled three times, but despite this Cyril of Jerusalem, as an expert connoisseur of the Word of God, he wrote works of great importance capable of witnessing his sober and peaceful lifestyle, combined with a constant attention paid to the education of catechumens.

After over 35 years of episcopate, of which almost 16 spent in exile, he died in 386.

Some of the works left by this bishop are a sermon on the lake of Bethsaida, a letter to the emperor Constantius II, three other small fragments and twenty-four sermons for catechesis.

The letter to the emperor tells of the miracle that took place in May at the beginning of his episcopate, when a large cross appeared in the sky between Monte Calvario and the Garden of Olives.

Other saints and celebrations of March 18

  • St. Alexander of Jerusalem (of Cappadocia)
  • Bishop and martyr

  • Saint Anselm II of Lucca (or from Baggio)
  • Bishop

  • San Braulio
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Celestina Donati
  • Founder

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