March 20: saint of the day, name day


The saint of the day March 20 is Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano, which name day is celebrated and other saints that are celebrated on this date.

Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano

San Fabiano was elected pope in 236 because, as narrated by a traditional story, a dove landed on his head and the cardinals who were to elect the new pontiff saw in this an unequivocal sign of the divine will.

Lasted 14 years, Pope Fabiano's pontificate coincided with a period characterized by peace and reforms.

His actions did not please Emperor Decius, who probably considered him too active and influential, for this reason he was killed on January 20, 250 during the persecution carried out at that time.

Fabiano was buried in the crypt of the Popes at the San Callisto cemetery.

Saint Sebastian was instead a very skilled praetorian, to the point of joining the personal guards of the emperor Diocletian.

Because of his preaching and numerous conversions, he was tried by the emperor who sentenced him to death.

Tied to a pole he was pierced by many arrows and left seriously injured but, during the night, his followers managed to take him away and heal him, causing him to recover.

Then Sebastiano reappeared before the emperor renewing his profession of faith but this time he was first killed with sticks and then thrown into the maximum cloaca.

The cult of the saint, which was widespread, found its main center in the catacombs of the Via Appia in Rome where tradition declared that he had been buried.

Since the ancients believed that diseases were caused by Apollo's arrows, Saint Sebastian was considered the protector of the plague since he had emerged unscathed from the first martyrdom.

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The feast of San Sebastiano is closely linked to that of San Fabiano since, as early as the fourth century, a double liturgy was celebrated on the same day, one at the cemetery of San Callisto for Pope Fabiano and the other at the catacombs cemetery for San Sebastiano.

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