March 28: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 28 is Saint Sixtus III Pope, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Sixtus III Pope

In the period prior to his election as Pope, Sixtus was a well-known figure in the Roman clergy, who was in frequent correspondence with St. Augustine in correspondence.

During his pontificate, characterized by rampant heresies, he was accused of little firmness towards them, probably because of his mild and conciliatory character.

Pope Sixtus III gave his approval to the Acts of the Council of Ephesus, in which the debate on the human and divine nature of Jesus gave way to a heated discussion on the question of whether Mary could be considered Mother of Jesus as a man, or Mother of Christ understood as Man and God.

At the end the council attributed to Mary the title "bearer of God", from the Greek Theotokos.

Among his priorities was to make himself the bearer of peace between Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorius, who was patriarch of Constantinople.

In the controversy Pelagiana opposed Giuliano Eclano's attempt to restore his communion with the Catholic Church.

He also defended the Pope's rights over Illyria, both against the local bishops and against the ambitious plans of Proclus, the future Patriarch of Constantinople.

The archbishop of Thessaloniki confirmed his role as head of the Illyrian Church.

As for the name of Sixtus, this is frequently linked to a strong expansion of religious buildings in Rome which led, among other things, to the construction of the Church of Santa Sabina on the Aventine Hill, which was consecrated and inaugurated during his pontificate.

Pope Sixtus III is responsible for the restoration of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, which was damaged during the riots that broke out on the occasion of the election of Pope Damasus, which took place in 366, whose dedication to Mary emphasizes the dogma established by decree. from the council of Ephesus.

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He also had the Basilica of San Lorenzo outside the walls restored.

He embellished the basilica of San Pietro and the Laterana with precious gifts received by the Emperor Valentinian III, despite the fact that so much wealth was later stigmatized by San Girolamo, who no longer recognized the testimony of an authentic Christian spirit.

He wrote eight epistles, but the news of the composition of the works De divitiis, De malis doctoribus and De castitate, erroneously attributed to him in the past, is false.

He died on August 19, 440, his remains are located in the Basilica of San Lorenzo outside the walls in Rome.

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