March 29: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 29 is Blessed Bertoldo, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Blessed Bertoldo

The second prior general of the Carmelites around 1230, Bertoldo was born in Lombardy.

A vision is attributed to him, during which he saw the angels who carried the souls of numerous Carmelites to heaven who had been killed by the Saracens.

The Dominican Stefano di Salignac, who had mistakenly attributed the drafting of the Carmelite rule to the patriarch of Antioch, Aimerico of Malefaida da Salignac, declared that he had a nephew among the Carmelites, a person undoubtedly endowed with holiness and famous among the people.

This character had a name and a qualification in the Epistle Cyrilli, which was later published in the year 1378 by the Carmelite Filippo Riboti, in which he even called him brother, instead of Aimerico's grandson, named Bertoldo, with the position of first prior general of the Carmelites.

Papenbroeck, when he published a text by the Greek monk Phocas, a visitor to Carmel in 1177, made Bertoldo coincide with an elderly monk from the Calabria region.

Other saints and celebrations of 29 March

  • Saint Eustace of Naples
  • Bishop

  • Blessed John Hambley
  • Priest and martyr

  • San Guglielmo Tempier
  • Bishop of Poitiers

  • St. Ludulf of Ratzeburg
  • Bishop

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