March 5: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the 5 March is Saint Adriano of Caesarea, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

Sant’Adriano di Caesarea

Hadrian had to suffer martyrdom together with Eubulus on 5 or 7 March 309 which, according to what Eusebio testified was the sixth year of the persecution.

Since the two men had come to Caesarea in Palestine to provide their help to the local martyrs, they were unfortunately discovered and condemned to be torn to pieces by the beasts, as they had refused to deny their faith in Christ.

Hadrian, after being seriously wounded by a lion, was finished with the sword.

From the Roman Martyrology:
"In Caesarea Palestine, St. Hadrian, martyr, who, during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian, on the day when the inhabitants used to celebrate the feast of Fortune, by order of the Governor Firmilian, was for his faith in Christ at first it was thrown to a lion and then slaughtered with the sword. "

Other saints and celebrations of March 5

  • San Ciarano (Kieran)
  • Bishop

  • San Conone the greengrocer
  • Martyr in Panfilia

  • San Foca Ortolan
  • Martyr

  • San Gerasimo
  • Anchorite

  • Blessed Jeremiah of Wallachia (Giovanni) Kostistik
  • San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce (Carlo Gaetano Calosirto)
  • Franciscan Alcantarino

  • San Lucio I
  • Pope

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  • San Teofilo of Caesarea of ​​Palestine
  • Bishop

    അനുദിന വിശുദ്ധർ (Saint of the Day) March 5th - St. Adrian & St. Eubulus (June 2022)

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