Marostica (Veneto): what to see


What to see in Marostica, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Piazza degli Scacchi, Upper Castle and Lower Castle.

Tourist information

Positioned close to the Asiago plateau, on the transit and transhumance road that in the past led to the mountain pastures, Marostica is part of a portion of territory between the plains and the hilly belt, where olive trees, vines and especially cherry trees are grown, which produce the famous Marostica cherries, the first in Italy to obtain the PGI Recognition Mark

On the top of Colle Pausolino stands the Upper Castle, where a crenellated wall begins which descends along the slopes of the hill to the plain below, where the inhabited area and the Lower Castle are located.

In Marostica, a site inhabited since ancient times, there was already a fortification defending the village when, during the fourteenth century, the Scaligeri, powerful lords of Verona, decided to build the Lower Castle, rebuild much of the Upper Castle and connect the two structures with a crenellated wall, which stretches for almost two kilometers climbing the hill, thus outlining the current appearance of the city center.

What see

In front of the Lower Castle, there is a large square with arcaded houses along the long sides and with a center drawn in a red and white marble chessboard, where it takes place every two years, in the even ones and on the second weekend of September, an event that made this city famous, or the traditional Chess Game, a show with living characters dressed in fifteenth-century costumes, set up to remember the game that was played in 1454 between Rinaldo D'Angarano and Vieri di Vallonara, which he would have awarded to the winner the hand of Lionora, daughter of the castellan of Marostica.

Also in this square, an interesting antiques market is set up every first Sunday of the month, while on the last Sunday of May of each year, in the loggia of the Lower Castle, the Cherry Festival takes place, which consists of an exhibition of cherries which ultimately provides for the awarding of the best.

Marostica: "Known for its Living Chess Event", Veneto, Northern Italy (April 2024)

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