Marrakech (Morocco): what to see in the imperial city


What to see in Marrakech, one day itinerary that explains how to move in the mysterious city of Morocco, rich in history, attractions and interesting monuments.

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Marrakech is a Moroccan city located in the central southern part of the country, about 150 km from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, at an altitude of 460 meters above sea level, and about 60 km north of the High Atlas mountains, where it is it raises the highest peak of this mountain range and of all northern Africa or Mount Toubkal with its 4,167 meters above sea level.

Marrakech together with Fez, Rabat and Meknès is an imperial city, its name originates from the Berber word Mur-Akush, which means the land of God.

It was founded around 1060 by the Almoravids, a Berber dynasty, under whose rule the city lived a very flourishing period, was enriched with many monuments becoming the capital of a Kingdom that prospered in North Africa and Andalusia.

Marrakech in the past has long been a attraction for a circle of artists, writers, intellectuals, who have been attracted by the charm of the exotic and mysterious destination, far from everyday life. Tourists who visit the city today are also enchanted by this magical atmosphere.

What see

The part of the new city, Gueliz, dates back to the time of the French colonization, through which we reach the ancient settlement of Marrakech, the medina, whose walls enclose an environment of great architectural, cultural and landscape value, with its labyrinth of narrow streets narrow streets, houses, souks and various traditional crafts.

Among the monuments dating back to the Almoravide period, the Koutoubia Mosque stands out, with the suggestive 77-meter high minaret, a symbol of the city and a landmark in the urban landscape, the ramparts, the monumental doors and the beautiful gardens.

Other wonders date back to later periods, such as the Badia Palace, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Sadian Tombs, the Bahia Palace and other large residences.

Djemaa El-Fna square, the heart of the city, is like a large open-air theater where the inhabitants of Marrakech and tourists flock daily.

It is a space animated for the whole day by acrobats, henna tattoo artists, storytellers, belly dancers, musicians, snake charmers, mint sellers and carts selling dried fruit and orange juice.

When the twilight comes, a change takes place, many small carts arrive on the square that occupy the space and turn into real itinerant restaurants, staying there until late at night.

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