Martin Luther King phrases: aphorisms and quotations


Martin Luther King's phrases, aphorisms and quotations from this famous Protestant American pastor and politician who dedicated himself to civil commitment as a bearer of peace, inspired by the thought of Gandhi and Richard Greegg, who both believed in the non-violent struggle.

Quotes of Martin Luther King

- Power is the ability to achieve goals. Power is the ability to make changes. (Martin Luther King)

- Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves in the dark, while a wise man forgets himself in immortality. (Martin Luther King)

- Finally free, finally free, thank God Almighty I am finally free. (Martin Luther King)

- Morality cannot be regulated by law, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees cannot change the heart, but they can limit the heartless. (Martin Luther King)

- Nothing is forgotten more slowly than an offense, and nothing faster than a favor. (Martin Luther King)

- Even if I knew that the world will fall apart tomorrow, I would still like to plant my apple tree. (Martin Luther King)

- The thing that many people fear terribly is taking a position that emerges clearly and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of many is to adopt a point of view that is so ambiguous that it can include everything and so popular that it can include anyone. (Martin Luther King)

- Our lives end when we keep silent in front of really important things. (Martin Luther King)

- The church must be the criticism and guide of the state, and never its instrument. (Martin Luther King)

- True mercy is more than throwing a coin into a beggar; is to understand that a building that produces beggars needs renovation. (Martin Luther King)

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- We get rid of an enemy by getting rid of enmity. (Martin Luther King)

- A revolt is basically the language of those who are not listened to. (Martin Luther King)

- The curse of poverty has no justification in our age ... The time has come for us to civilize ourselves through a total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty. (Martin Luther King)

- Always be the best of whatever you are. (Martin Luther King)

- The biggest weakness of violence is being a downward spiral that gives life precisely to the things it tries to destroy. Instead of diminishing, evil multiplies it. (Martin Luther King)

- Capitalism always runs the risk of inspiring men to be more interested in making a living than in living. (Martin Luther King)

- Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or what else? The chain reaction of evil - evil that generates evil, wars that produce other wars - must be broken, or else we will be thrown into the black abyss of annihilation. (Martin Luther King)

- If a man is called to do the street cleaner, he should sweep the streets as Michelangelo painted, or as Beethoven composed, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep the streets so well that all the guests of heaven and earth would stop saying that here he lived a large street sweeper who did his job well. (Martin Luther King)

- It may be true that the law cannot force a man to love me, but it can prevent him from lynching me, and I think it is quite important. (Martin Luther King)

- Non-violence is the answer to the crucial political and moral problems of our time; the need for man to get the better of oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. (Martin Luther King)

- An individual who breaks a law that he believes is unjust and who responsibly accepts the prison sentence to awaken the conscience of the community about his injustice is actually expressing the highest respect for the law. (Martin Luther King)

- You don't need to see the whole staircase. Simply start climbing the first step. (Martin Luther King)

- Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (Martin Luther King)

- Even if I have helped one person to hope I will not have lived in vain. (Martin Luther King)

Martin Luther King's aphorisms

- Take the first step in faith. You don't need to see the whole path, just take the first step. (Martin Luther King)

- Darkness cannot drive away darkness: only light can do it. (Martin Luther King)

- What is the benefit of having the right to sit at a refreshment point if you cannot afford to buy a hamburger? (Martin Luther King)

- The church is not the mistress or servant of the state, but the conscience of the state. (Martin Luther King)

- Hate paralyzes life; love gives it. Hate confuses life; love gives it harmony. Hate darkens life; love enlightens her. (Martin Luther King)

- The last measure of a man is not his position in comfortable and convenient moments, but his position in times of challenge and controversy. (Martin Luther King)

- The person with a low mind always fears change. He feels secure in the status quo, and has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the greatest suffering is suffering for a new idea. (Martin Luther King)

- I claim that an individual who breaks a law that his conscience says is unfair, and that he willingly accepts the prison sentence in order to awaken the community's conscience about his injustice, is actually expressing the highest respect for the law . (Martin Luther King)

- Science and faith are unrivaled. Faith seeks, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge that is power: religion gives him knowledge that is control. Science is mainly concerned with facts; religion is mainly concerned with values. (Martin Luther King)

- We must make obstacles that we encounter from the starting points. (Martin Luther King)

- Cowardice asks: is it safe? The opportunity asks: is it convenient? The vainglory asks: is it popular? But consciousness asks: is it right? But there comes a time when you have to take a position that is neither secure, convenient, nor popular, but you have to take it because your conscience tells us it is right. (Martin Luther King)

- If you lose hope, you somehow lose the vitality that keeps your existence moving, you lose the courage to be, the quality that helps you keep going in spite of everything. And so today I still have a dream. (Martin Luther King)

- When you are right you will never be too radical; when you are wrong you will never be too conservative. (Martin Luther King)

- We must accept infinite disappointments, but never lose infinite hope. I'd rather be dead than afraid. (Martin Luther King)

- We must come to understand that peace is not only a goal to be pursued, but it is a means by which we reach that goal. We must pursue peaceful results through peaceful means. (Martin Luther King)

- If we want to move forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values ​​- that all reality is based on moral bases and that all reality has spiritual control. (Martin Luther King)

- The fewer the words, the better the prayer. (Martin Luther King)

- The only way to go on is to go on. Say: I can do it, even when you know you can't. (Martin Luther King)

- Forgiving does not mean ignoring what has been done against us. Rather, it means that malice ceases to be an obstacle to relationships. (Martin Luther King)

- Anyone can be great ... because everyone can serve. It is not necessary to have a degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve, you only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. (Martin Luther King)

- One day fear knocked on the door. The courage went to open and found no one. (Martin Luther King)

- The inhumanity of man towards man is perpetrated not only by the bad actions of those who are bad. It is also perpetrated by the vicious inaction of those who are good. (Martin Luther King)

- We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers. (Martin Luther King)

- The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. (Martin Luther King)

Martin Luther King phrases

- My freedom ends where yours begins. (Martin Luther King)

- With violence you can kill the one you hate but you don't kill hatred. Violence increases hatred and nothing else. (Martin Luther King)

- We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools. (Martin Luther King)

- Our scientific power has surpassed our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and unguided men. (Martin Luther King)

- There can be no profound disappointment where there is no deep love. (Martin Luther King)

- Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts. (Martin Luther King)

- Earnestly try to find out what you are called to do, and then start doing it passionately. However, always be the best of whatever you are. (Martin Luther King)

- Non-violence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time: the need for man to defeat oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. The basis of this method is love. (Martin Luther King)

- What scares me is not the violence of the bad guys; is the indifference of the good guys. (Martin Luther King)

- You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will become responsible if you do nothing to change it. (Martin Luther King)

- Nobody will climb on top of us unless we have bent our back first. (Martin Luther King)

- Our lives begin to end the day we are silent in the face of the things that matter. (Martin Luther King)

- All progress is precarious, and the solution to one problem leads us to face another problem. (Martin Luther King)

- To make enemies it is not necessary to declare war, just say what you think. (Martin Luther King)

- All the work that elevates humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with scrupulous excellence. (Martin Luther King)

- More than repression, I suffer from the silence of the world. (Martin Luther King)

- Examine yourselves seriously to find out why you were created, and then dedicate yourself with passion to its execution. This clear program leads to self-realization in the length of a man's life. (Martin Luther King)

- In this generation we will repent not only for the words and actions of bad people, but for the frightful silence of good people. (Martin Luther King)

- I judge people by their principles, not mine. (Martin Luther King)

- Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. (Martin Luther King)

- Our life begins to end the day we become silent on the things that matter. (Martin Luther King)

- Until everyone is free, nobody is free. (Martin Luther King)

- Human salvation lies in the hands of dissatisfied creatives. (Martin Luther King)

- The greatest tragedy of these times is not in the rowdy clamor of the bad guys, but in the frightening silence of honest people. (Martin Luther King)

- It's always the right time to do what's right. (Martin Luther King)

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