Martinique (Caribbean): what to see, when to go


Useful tourist information on Martinique, including all the things you need to know before leaving for a trip or vacation to this Caribbean island.

Tourist information

Located between Dominica and Saint Lucia, Martinique is an island of volcanic origin, whose most important administrative center is Fort de France, which also constitutes the largest city in the French Antilles, where the grandiose Fort Saint Louis, dating back to the middle of the seventeenth century.

The coasts of the island are quite jagged especially in the south, with smaller islands and islets, most of the surface is covered with tropical forest.

The main economic source is represented by tourism.

What see

The natural landscapes are very varied, consisting of hills, forests and inland waterfalls.

Along the western coastal areas, there are some white sandy bays and beaches, while the east coast is characterized by steep cliffs and wild nature.

What to do

The island of Martinique is very suitable for lovers of water sports, especially canoeing, surfing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Many seasonal events are organized on site, there are also various museums to visit and typical places, including the distilleries of ancient local tradition.

When to go

Thanks to the tropical climate, the archipelago can be visited throughout the year, but it is advisable to avoid the period between June and November, as it is considered high risk as regards the possibility that violent cyclones hit the territory.

Martinique Island Guide (June 2021)

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