May 15: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day May 15 is Saint Isidore the farmer, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Isidore

Born in Madrid in 1070, Isidore left his father's house very early to go and cultivate the lands of a nobleman who bore little fruit.

Isidore spent most of his time praying and going to church but, despite this, under his care the fields gave abundant harvests.

Other peasants, jealous for the remarkable results obtained by Isidoro, warned the owner by telling him that his peasant worked little and that they did not understand why he had managed to give so much fruit to his fields.

The master then, one day spying on him to check what he was doing, saw he was praying intensely and, as a result of a miracle, he had the vision of some young people, whom he did not know, committed to working the land in its place.

Isidore died in 1130 and his body was buried in the church of Sant 'Andrea in Madrid.

Farmers from all over the world invoke him against the drought to send rain.

Other saints and celebrations of May 15

  • Saint Achilleo (Achilio) the Wonderworker
  • Bishop of Larissa

  • Blessed Andrea Abellon
  • Dominican

  • San Caleb (or Elesbaan, Elsebaan)
  • King of Ethiopia

  • Saints Cassio and Vittorino
  • Martyrs

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