May 23: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 23 May is San Desiderio di Langres, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Desiderio di Langres

It is known with certainty that San Desiderio di Langres lived in the fourth century, in fact St. Athanasius is mentioned as one of the members who participated in 343 in the Council of Sardica, the city corresponding to today's Sofia.

About the origins, it seems that San Desiderio was born in the homonymous town located near Genoa.

It is ranked third, by chronology, among the bishops of the French town of Langres.

A cleric of Langres, Varnacario, wrote the story of his martyrdom, where he says that Desiderio was beheaded during an invasion of Vandals.

It could also be that this derives from a confusion created in the local traditions handed down, as, in hindsight, Langres had, not one, but several barbarian invasions.

A legend tells that, after the beheading, the bishop lifted the head of San Desiderio from the ground and managed to return to the city, passing through a crack in the rock, still visible today, which had miraculously opened to allow him to pass through the thick wall apparently impenetrable.

Other saints and celebrations of 23 May

  • Sant'Efebo
  • Bishop of Naples

  • Saint Eutizio of Norcia
  • Monk

  • San Giovanni Battista de ’Rossi
  • Priest

  • Blessed Giuseppe Kurzawa and Vincenzo Matuszewski
  • Priests and martyrs

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