May 26: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 26 May is San Filippo Neri, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Filippo Neri

From a wealthy family, as the son of a Florentine notary, Filippo was able to receive a good education.

After completing his studies, he entered to practice in his father's study but, having been affected by the influence of the Dominican friars of San Marco, of which Savonarola had been a member not long ago, and of the Benedictine monks of Montecassino, when he came of age, he left the business. family activity, going to Rome.

In the eternal city he lived as a layman for the next seventeen years, initially earning a living as a tutor, he also wrote poetry and devoted himself to the studies of philosophy and theology.

In 1538, in the period in which the city was in a state of rampant corruption, Filippo Neri began his commitment among the young people of the city, founding a brotherhood of lay people who gathered to pray to God and to provide all the help needed by the pilgrims and convalescents.

From this noble initiative was born the great hospice of the Trinity.

Philip spent much of his time in prayer, especially at night, often worshiping God at the catacomb of San Sebastiano, where in 1544 he had the gift of experiencing an ecstasy of divine love, which is thought to have left a permanent physical effect in his heart.

In 1551 Filippo Neri was ordained a priest, going to live in the ecclesiastical boarding school of San Girolamo, where he quickly became famous as a confessor.

He had the gift of knowing how to read in hearts, his primary occupation remained the Christian education of young people.

Assisted by young people, in 1575 Don Filippo had created the Oratory as a meeting place, he also had the New Church built near Santa Maria in Vallicella.

Very influential on the Romans of the time, of whatever social background they were, he became famous throughout the city for his excellent charismatic qualities.

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