May 30: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 30 May is Santa Giovanna d’Arco, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

Saint Joan of Arc

Of peasant origin, Giovanna was born in Damremy in Lorraine in 1412 and as a teenager she claimed to have apparitions and to hear celestial voices.

At a very young age he abandoned his paternal home to carry out the will of God, revealed to her by mysterious voices, according to which he should have freed France from the English.

So it was that he went to King Charles VII, who entrusted her with the command of an army to encourage the soldiers with his inspired presence.

Within days, Orleans was freed with Patay's victory.

Giovanna's plans also included plans to defeat the Anglo-Bourbons, but the king and his court remained wary, leaving her alone.

For this reason she was first wounded at the gates of Paris and subsequently taken prisoner by the Burgundians, while marching towards Compiegne, who ceded her as a prisoner to the British.

Brought before a court of ecclesiastics near Rouen, she was tried and sentenced as a heretic, finally she was burnt alive.

Rehabilitated in 1456, she was proclaimed a saint in 1920 under the pontificate of Benedict XV.

Other saints and celebrations on May 30th

  • Sant'Anastasio of Pavia
  • Bishop

  • Saints Basilio and Emmelia
  • Newlyweds

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