Mazatlan (Mexico): what to see and do


What to see in Mazatlan, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the Mexican city, including the Cathedral, Angela Peralta Theater and beaches, with the possibility of practicing water sports and taking pleasant horse rides.

Tourist information

In a picturesque position, on the slopes of the Sierra Madre and overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of the Gulf of California, Mazatlán is the port and second largest city of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico.

It is nicknamed the pearl of the Pacific, for its great natural beauty, renowned tourist facilities, beaches and the remarkable historic center.

On the horizon of Mazatlán you can see the three small islands of Isla de Chivos (Isle of Goats), Isla de Pajaros (Bird Island) and Isla de Venados (Isle of Deer) which, in addition to offering a beautiful view of the center of Mazatlán, are surrounded by calm waters rich in fish and are an ideal place for snorkelling.

The islands are part of a nature reserve set up to protect the area's birds and marine life.

Beautiful beaches, high cliffs, tropical vegetation and crystal clear waters characterize this colonial city which, in the mid-twentieth century, became a very attractive seaside destination, frequented by famous people.

What see

In the old city stand out the nineteenth-century Cathedral, located in the Plaza Principal, the Angela Peralta Theater, the center of cultural life in the city, the Centro Mercado, where the central market takes place, and the Plazuela Machado with the neighboring streets, full of restaurants, cafes and art galleries.

The historic center overlooks Playa Olas Altas, Onde Alte, the first tourist beach of Mazatlán, on its promenade, Paseo Olas Altas, some hotels of the fifties recall the atmosphere of those years, when great Hollywood characters stayed in the city, including John Wayne, who went deep sea fishing.

Nearby is the platform from which the divers, called clavadistas, boldly dive into the waves of the ocean in front of a crowd of spectators.

To the north of the old town, after the beach of Olas Altas, the golden sandy beaches of Playa Los Pinos, Playa Marlin, and Playa Norte begin which, with their characteristic arch shape, extend to the rocky promontory of Punta Camaron, in the Dorada area.

Follow the beaches where the most luxurious hotels of Playa Las Gaviotas and Playa Sabalo overlook, which is located after Marina El Cid and the marina, up to the northernmost beaches of Playa Cerritos and Playa Brujas, suitable for surfing and with excellent fish restaurants .

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On the top of a rocky promontory stands the lighthouse, from whose top you can admire an enchanting panorama of the city and the coast.

What to do

Mazatlán is the ideal place to practice beach sports, all types of water sports, and above all sport fishing, for which there are many specially designed boats, and numerous tournaments are organized every year.

Another activity to do in Mazatlán is horseback riding through very beautiful natural environments, including the beaches of Isla de la Piedra, which means Island of Stone.

The city is world famous for its traditional Carnival, celebrated since 1898 on its long coast, called Malecon.

As an alternative itinerary, since the city stands in front of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, it is possible to use a car ferry that crosses the Gulf of California, to go from Mazatlán to La Paz, and vice versa, in about 12 hours .

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