Meaning of Cougar: translation of a term referring to women


What does cougar mean in English referring to mature women over 40 who prefer the company of younger men, sites and photos dedicated to this rampant phenomenon.

What does Cougar Mean?

A trend that has been around for years is that of women defined as cougars, a phenomenon that involves people in their forties who are female looking for the company of much younger male partners.

Literally translated from English, the term cougar means puma, or the lion of the mountains, which includes among its main features that of being a wild animal in search of prey for survival.

These women are defined in this way because they are hunting for younger prey with which to spend moments of pleasant and mutual company.

The spread of sites that deal with this topic came a few years ago from the United States, where the first site dedicated to the topic was born.

The cougar phenomenon did not arise following the spread of the internet but had already existed for some time, with the difference that before it was considered a scandalous way of behaving, while today, on the contrary, it is linked to the new defined trend behaviors at the basis of which free choice of an individual to express certain needs.

There are frequent cases of cougar women who feel very satisfied for being able to attract the attention of younger men in search of new experiences.

In the various sites that put the cougars in contact with their young male preys, there is a wide choice of women who are able to intrigue and offer new opportunities to distract themselves, perhaps even having a little fun.

Cougar Meaning (December 2023)

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