Metaponto (Basilicata): what to see


What to see in Metaponto, a city founded by the Greeks famous for having hosted the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras with his school, an itinerary to discover the archaeological area where the remains of the temple of Apollo Licio and the Palatine Tables are located.

Tourist information

The ancient city had the name of Metapontion and, being not far from the sea, it was connected with it through a convenient canal.

During the archaeological excavations carried out some temples and the district of potters were discovered.

Among the remains of the temples are the ruins of the temple of Apollo Lycian, dating back to the seventh century BC, those of the temple of Aphrodite and Athena, in addition to the temple of Hera dating between the fourth and fifth centuries BC.

What see

The Metaponto museum houses the remains of the Palatine Tables made of terracotta, as well as materials from archaeological excavations, in particular from those of the necropolis and temples.

Gold objects, silver objects, very finely worked, vases and crockery are also exhibited.

The building where the Palatine Tables were found was originally a temple, of which today only the base and some columns remain.

The necropolis of Metaponto includes numerous tombs, including a very large monumental tomb dating back to the fifth century.

Today the ancient Greek city is a popular seaside tourist destination, thanks to the long beach and the wide range of campsites, tourist villages and hotels.

Metaponto Museum, Metaponto, Bernalda, Matera, Basilicata, Italy, Europe (April 2024)

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