Mexican proverbs: sayings and idioms


Selection of Mexican proverbs, sayings and idioms most used in Mexico, translated into Italian, as testimony to the wisdom of its people.

Mexican idioms

- The kiss combines two vital breaths, not two mouths.

- All women are called Maria because they were all born from the sea.

- There is an insurmountable distance that separates me from you; but there is a bridge over the abyss, where we sometimes find ourselves.

- People know more than they think, think more of what they say and say more than they know.

- Developing only means removing what prevents us from being. It is more a question of taking away than putting.

- Thought proceeds by leaps, associations, progressive bifurcations; for this reason it has the shape of a tree.

- There are works of art whose genius consists in being brilliant plagiarisms.

- Reality has a porous surface: it transpires liquid dreams.

- In art, the enjoyment of the process is greater than the enjoyment of the product.

- If the body is an image, the spirit is a hologram.

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- Perfect prefaces make it unnecessary to read the rest of the book.

- The keys to the universe do not open the ultimate reality.

- Making love in an imaginary way produces imaginary children that still need to be maintained.

- If God did not exist, that being who was able to certify this non-existence would be like a God.

- We are desperately looking for paradises to convert them to hells.

- One hand dreams of what the other writes; one eye sees what the other ignores.

- The metaphor is the bridge that connects the visible with the invisible: the poet is a bridge builder.

- We live in a century which, rather than producing songs, produces disenchantments.

- If I were an architect I would build nests.

- The wall that prevents us from passing, can also be the window that allows us to see.

- Wrinkles cause the old man's face to resemble the face of the earth.

- Dying lasts a lifetime, living lasts only a moment.

- The night sleeps quietly: it survived the day.

- Everything exists thanks to this pair of walkers: the sun and the weather.

- Time has cavities, deserts, cracks, elevations, abysses ... a geography of time should be written.

- The last drop of the vase is the most conscious of its individuality.

- Turbulence is at the center of calm, just as calm is at the center of the hurricane.

Mexican sayings

- As a body that is cradled in the hammock, so space is cradled within time.

- Make sure the window is larger than the wall.

- Coincidences occur where the gears of fate correspond.

- The humility of things: observe how they arrange themselves quietly where you pose them, modest, silent, obedient ...

- We others, the dead of the future, already feel homesick for our lives.

- The door is the only one that cannot enter or exit.

- Only one other creator can keep company with the creator.

- The solitude of the multitude is the most solitary.

- Life is sometimes lived less than once.

- A barrel full of nothing weighs more than a completely empty barrel.

- Even words have skin and fruit.

- Repeating the same mistakes is very boring; at least try new mistakes.

- It hurts more what has never been encountered than what was lost.

- If you are looking for what you do not find, you will never find what you are not looking for.

- Christ, more than a monument to death sacrificed on the tree of the cross, is an immortal fruit of the Tree of Life.

- You didn't come out of courtesy, you just came to see what you would have lost if you hadn't come.

- Nothing and Everything are the same number; in fact, absence of number.

- When we reincarnate, they give us a new look for a used soul.

- The column that supports the roof of the world could be a mountain, a tree, an atlas, or the vertical thread of a spider web.

- Ignorance does not know what it ignores, wisdom does.

- The goal of exploration is to touch the bottom, touch the top, touch the limits, touch ... to see if they open the door for us.

- On certain occasions, we have no other remedy than disease.

- God when he creates creates what he says; for this reason he values ​​his words very well.

- The miracle happens when he wants, not when he wants.

- The temptation of life is to doubt its reality. The temptation of the dream is to doubt its unreality.

- God does not write verses, he writes universes.

- The power that the moon has over the tides is the same that adrenaline has over emotions: adrenaluna.

Mexican proverbs

- We write to forget, we read to remember.

- The steps are not responsible for not leading anywhere.

- Reading is an echo of the echo.

- In a world that does not contain other worlds, it is not worth living.

- Poetry mysteriously lives in words, like the soul inside the body.

- Everything they say about me is true, including the fact that it's false.

- I am one step ahead of who I am, the others are one step back; reality lies in between.

- The woman prefers to have children instead of dreams, but she falls terribly in love with the dreams that others give birth.

- Nothing is like a bag that contains everything except itself.

- It is not difficult for two people to have the same idea; they are unlikely to say it in the same words.

- If there is no ego, reality presents itself in its original nakedness.

- The most difficult vice to cure is that of vicious circles.

- I'm the grandfather of the boy I was.

- Being away from everything allows at least to see it as a whole.

- It's me and I don't look like anyone, not even myself.

- To die is to continue to insist, where we cannot continue to exist.

- Our natural state is ecstasy, the artificial one is vertigo.

- The brain is the stomach of ideas; therefore instead of giving constipation, it gives estrangement.

- The intellect only serves to know the intellect.

- There is no sea that does not fit in the window.

- Ideas are generated like children, it is only necessary that a mother idea copulate with a father idea.

- Fear is the foundation of civilization; pleasure is the foundation of culture.

- All the laws of the world, ethics and morals are summed up in one word: respect.

- Instead of writing words you have to open spaces between words.

- Poetry opens a place in space, a homeless window.

- Poetry touches the things of this world with hands of the other world.

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