Montenegro: what to see in the state of the Balkan peninsula


Useful information to visit Montenegro, where it is located, neighboring states and places of interest to see with the main attractions not to be missed.

Montenegro tour guide

Montenegro is a newly established state, it is located in the Balkan Peninsula and borders Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Its territory is largely formed by mountains belonging to the Dinaric Alps, by a narrow flat coast and by a plain north of the lake of Scutari, around Podgorica.

The rugged Montenegrin reliefs are karst in nature, the water disappears into the rock and then reappears somewhere else forming lakes and streams.

Deep valleys dug by rivers and invaded by the sea, make up the Bocche di Cattaro, Kotor in Serbo, which make this coast look like the Norwegian fjords.

The coves penetrate the coast, surrounded by the slopes of the Lovcen and Vrmac mountains and the Lovcen and Orjen National Park, creating a spectacular natural environment.

Places to visit in Montenegro

Risan, located at the bottom of the bay of the same name, is the oldest city in the gulf, was founded in the 4th century BC. from the Illyrians, and preserves a precious artistic heritage.

Kondor, the main city of this region has a rich and interesting historic center enclosed by walls, the result of the encounter of cultures from the east and west.

- The ancient city of Budva, of Greek and Roman origin, stands on a small peninsula along the Montenegrin coast, its past is also characterized by the particularity of its position, on the border between the Roman Empire of the west and the east. The town is surrounded by a wall dating back to the Middle Ages, encloses a suggestive historical center and its coast offers beautiful beaches with a wide tourist offer.

- La sandy beach Becici, located about 2 km from Budva in the direction of the village of Petrovac, is among the most popular beaches in Montenegro.

- About 5 kilometers south of Budva is located Sveti Stefan, once a small village on an island connected to the mainland, today a luxurious and exclusive hotel complex.

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- Near Sveti Stefan there is another beautiful seaside resort, Milocer, which boasts beautiful fine gravel beaches and a vast and interesting botanical garden.

- Among the other seaside resorts of the Montenegrin coast renowned for travel and holidays, Njivice, Bijela, Herceg Novi, Bar, Ulcinj stand out.

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