Mullet with tomato sauce


How to cook red mullet with tomato sauce, recipe to be cooked in a pan with a detailed description of the preparation procedure and necessary ingredients, to be served directly on the table, without first removing them from the pan used for cooking.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 800 g of mullet already cleaned

- 200 g of peeled and seeded tomato sauce

- 2 tablespoons of chopped chives

- 1/2 glass of extra-virgin olive oil

- 1 clove of garlic

- salt and pepper

How to prepare red mullet with tomato sauce

Wash and dry the red mullet.

In a pan put half a glass of extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper.

Leave the sauce to cook for about half an hour before laying the red mullets in a single layer, then sprinkle with chopped chives and part of the tomato sauce.

Cook over low heat, for no more than a quarter of an hour, then serve on the table without changing the container, to prevent the mullets from breaking.

Red Mullet with Sweet Chilli Sauce - Gordon Ramsay (May 2024)

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