Music CDs: media characteristics, music genres


Music CDs are the quintessential support of digital music and have been spreading the world for a few decades now.

Definition of music cd

Any musical composition converted into a digital signal through the use of more or less sophisticated electronic means is called digital.

To make a digital recording, in most cases, we start from a microphone that collects and transforms music and voices into an electric signal that is sent to a device capable of transforming this analog audio signal into a type signal. digital audio performing a conversion normally at 16 or 24 bit to comply with international hi-fi or high fidelity stereo sound standards.

The digital data flow obtained in this way can be saved on a digital support in waw format if it is intended to create a compact disc or normal audio CD or in mp3 or other type of compression if space must be saved on the support used.

A compact disc is physically composed of resin and has the shape of a 12 cm diameter disc inside which a thin metal sheet is immersed which contains the saved digital information intended for reading through the laser beam of a cd player.

The music CD was created by the electronics multinationals Sony and Philips from the union of the binary number system known in the IT field with the reproduction of sound by means of a small laser beam.

The first eighties saw the first music compact discs on the market.

On a CD, the data is sorted along a single track that has a spiral shape and whose reading starts from the center contrary to what happens with vinyl records.

The rotation speed of a compact disc audio player is variable as the data must be read at a constant speed both when the laser lens is near the center and when on the contrary it is near the outermost circumference.

At the time of the debut the many advantages of the compact disc were declared compared to the old vinyl record going as far as to say that it was able to work very well even if very dirty or even with the surface scratched or perforated.

Nothing could be more false, the practice then showed that the CDs must also be kept clean and carefully preserved, otherwise they will not work.

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In fact, the devices for reading CDs are normally equipped with an error corrector which intervenes to compensate for any reading errors by reconstructing the missing data by interpolation but this can only take place within certain limits beyond which the disk does not work.

Furthermore, every time the error corrector intervenes, the final quality of the music reproduction deteriorates.

Hence the importance of keeping the CDs of your music collection perfectly clean so that the error corrector never has to intervene.

For those who are passionate about hi-fi systems, it is advisable to pay close attention to the choice of the CD player, preferring those with good reading mechanics for the maximum sound quality obtainable from each music CD reproduced.

You generate musical CDs

In musical genres, musical compositions are grouped that have common characteristics including the instrumental staff, the recipient and the context in which they are performed.

Among the most popular musical genres in the world we have jazz, pop music, rock, pop music, opera, classical music, disco or disco music, country music and many others.

You dance to the rhythm of the music

There are different types of dances combined with different types of musical accompaniment practiced for fun, to make a show or to participate in dance competitions.

There are the folk dances that represent the typical dances of a certain population, the ballroom dancing whereby there are clubs and dance halls wherever they are danced, the Latin American dances based on usually very cheerful music, rock and roll, the cha cha cha, the tip tap, the tango and many others.

House of music

A shop that sells everything for music, from musical instruments and accessories, music CDs, organizing parties with music, sound systems, musical complexes and karaoke, is commonly called the house of music.

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