Nagoya (Japan): what to see


What to see in Nagoya, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Castle, to discover this thriving and modern city of Japan.

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Among the richest cities in Japan, Nagoya shows its commercial power everywhere, the details are enough to observe the splendid modern architecture and the department stores full of pomp.

Located halfway between the metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya has excellent transport links, and is also the ideal base for exploring central Japan.

Nagoya is a very important center for production and industry, in fact famous Japanese companies, including Toyota and Noritake, are based there.

In addition to this, many cultural events are organized in the city and there is no shortage of entertainment for nightlife lovers.

The city hosts the annual World Cosplay Summit, a large event able to attract numerous manga and anime fans from all over the world, which takes place in the center of Nagoya with the display of costumes worn by the participants, related to their favorite characters.

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Nagoya also boasts a wealth of museums, including some excellent art museums.

Nagoya Castle, which is an excellent example of a typical 16th century manor house, was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1959.

The keep, which is spread over seven floors with a total height of 48 meters, is dominated by a pair of kinsachi, that is animals with a tiger's head and a dolphin's body, coated in pure gold.

The structure houses a museum that displays the treasures recovered from a fire that occurred during the war, including over a thousand paintings, while the top floor is used as a panoramic observation point.

Nagoya also stands out for its delicious local cuisine, which can be enjoyed in the numerous restaurants, where chicken and eel dishes are served, in addition to the renowned sushi, which is a rice-based food combined with other ingredients, which can be fish, seaweed , vegetables and eggs.

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The sushi filling can be raw, cooked or marinated and is served in various ways, resting on rice, rolled in a strip of seaweed, arranged in rice rolls or placed in a small tofu pocket.

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