Natal (Brazil): what to see


What to see in Natal, where it is located, advice on what to do and visit, what are the most beautiful beaches, in particular praia Ponta Negra, Dos Artistas and Da Redinha.

Tourist information

Natal is a city in northeastern Brazil that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and its name derives from the date of its foundation, December 25, 1599.

Cape Sao Roque, the most eastern point of South America, is located about 30 km north of Natal, while Augusto Severo International Airport, the closest South American airport, is located at a distance of approximately 18 km from the city of Natal. Europe.

Things to see

Natal has an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the cleanest air in all the Americas and is the privileged point for making beautiful excursions such as the wonderful Fernando de Noronha archipelago or the Genipabu sand dune park , 30 Km. from Natal.

The most popular seaside resorts in Natal are the praia de Ponta Negra beach which, framed by the Morro do Careca, represents the area where the greatest number of bars, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues are concentrated.

Praia dos Artistas beach is the main meeting place for young people and is popular with local surfers.

15 km away from the city center of Natal is the Praia da Redinha beach where visitors can enjoy the traditional local dish, the tasty fried fish with tapioca.

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