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What to see in Nigeria, itinerary through a varied territory, between mountainous areas, hills and plains, visit the capital Abuja, where the Millennium Park is located, a green area designed by an Italian, the Mosque and the university.

Tourist information

State of Africa with the largest number of inhabitants, Nigeria is located in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Guinea and borders on Niger, Chad, Benin, Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea.

Its capital is Abuja, a city located in the center of the nation.

The country's territory, divided into states and part of the British Commonwealth, has mountain ranges and hilly areas in the central and northern part, while going south it is flat.

The prevailing religion is the Muslim one while the currency is the naira.

The resources of the subsoil are huge, with the presence of many oil fields and very fertile soil, thanks to the abundance of waterways.

Unfortunately, important internal tensions between the various ethnic groups are still present in Nigeria and this has so far been a serious obstacle to economic development in this state of Africa.

What see

Today's capital Abuja was created in 1976, at the point where a previous village once stood, based on a project by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, which is still being expanded on and off due to the severe economic crisis.

Millennium Park is one of the places most frequented by the population, it is a very lush green area, designed by the Italian Manfredi Nicoletti, dedicated to leisure and festive days, to spend a few hours in the open air serenely.

Other notable monuments include the National Mosque and the university.

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