North Sea: geography and navigation of the Kiel canal


Where it is found, oil fields and navigation in the North Sea passing through the Kiel canal, through the unusual coastal landscapes of the countries in Northern Europe.

North Sea geography

The North Sea is geographically part of the Atlantic Ocean and is located near the coasts of Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France.

In the south, it communicates with the Atlantic Ocean through the English Channel, while in the north, contact takes place via the Norwegian Sea.

In this sea there are important oil and natural gas deposits that have been exploited especially since the seventies, some areas are very rich in fish.

Navigating this area of ​​the sea can be risky because of the fog and the very cold climate, laden with humidity, which causes frequent rainy phenomena that can often degenerate into violent storms, located above all near the Jutland peninsula.

For this reason the ships use the Kiel canal to pass from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea avoiding the circumnavigation of the Jutland peninsula.

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