November 2: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day November 2 is Commemoration of all the faithful departed, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Commemoration of all the faithful departed

This festival was established in 998 at the Benedictine monastery of Cluny on the initiative of Odilone, the fifth abbot of this abbey.

The fact that many Benedictine monasteries depended on Cluny favored the spread of the commemoration of all the faithful departed in many areas of northern Europe.

Rome was also officially established in 1311, while the privilege of the three Masses to be celebrated on November 2, initially granted to Spain in 1748, was extended to the whole Church by Pope Benedict XV in 1915.

In the past, the main purpose of this day chosen to commemorate the dead was to support the dead, saying masses and following other good religious habits, such as the novena, the octave and prayers at the cemetery.

Today, to this end, there is also the need to create an opportunity during the year to think, animated by faith and hope, of one's own death that will one day come for everyone.

Saint Augustine said that when a man is born, all hypotheses can be made but the only absolutely certain thing about life is death.

In life on earth everyone thinks they can never possess enough and believes they can expect more and more, especially in terms of love, happiness and well-being.

Every human being sooner or later begins to think also about death, an event to which it is very difficult to get used and which, if possible, one would like to avoid.

Yet death accompanies the existence of each person and is considered a profound mystery for both believers and non-believers.

The attitude towards death on the part of the Christian depends on the depth of his faith and to better understand this concept it can be useful to read a sentence from Saint Paul: "We believe that Jesus died and rose again, so also those who died, God will gather them through Jesus together with him. "

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The death of the Christian follows the death of Christ, like a bitter drink to be drunk to the end because it derives from the original sin committed by Adam and Eve.

On the other hand, death also represents the loving will of the Father who awaits us beyond the gates of paradise with open arms, therefore it is actually an undead as eternal life, glory and resurrection.

How all this is possible is not allowed to man to know, as he cannot measure the greatness of God's promises by trying to imagine in vain what awaits him in the afterlife, but who will have faith knows that the Lord does not disappoint.

Other saints and celebrations of November 2nd

  • Saints Carterio, Stiriaco, Tobia, Eudossio, Agapio and companions
  • Martyrs

  • San Giorgio di Vienne
  • Bishop

  • Blessed John Bodey
  • Martyr

  • San Giusto di Trieste
  • Martyr

  • Saint Malachi of Armagh (Mael Madoc ua Morgair)
  • Bishop

  • San Marciano of Syria
  • Confessor

  • Blessed Margaret of Lorraine
  • Widow

  • Blessed Pio Campidelli
  • Santa Vinfreda (Gwenfrewi, Winfred of Wales)
  • Virgin and martyr

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