October 23: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 23 October is San Giovanni da Capestrano, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Giovanni da Capestrano

He was born in 1386 in Capestrano, near L'Aquila, to a German baron and Abruzzese mother.

Student in Perugia, after graduation he became an excellent jurist, so much so that Ladislao di Durazzo appointed him governor of that city.

But from Perugia you could see Assisi, positioned on the side of Mount Subasio, and Giovanni, when he was imprisoned by the Malaspina, had time to meditate in prison on the vanity of the world, as San Francesco had already done.

For this reason, once out of prison he did not want to return to worldly life and decided to enter the Order of Franciscan friars, where San Bernardino advocated, in the name of Jesus, the reform of the so-called observance.

John entered into intimacy with the reforming saint, defending him openly and valiantly when, due to devotion to the name of Jesus, the Sienese saint was accused of heresy.

Friar Giovanni also took Bernardini's monogram of Christ the King as an emblem, carrying it in his hard battles against heretics and against infidels.

The Pope appointed him Inquisitor of the Fraticelli and sent him his legate to Austria, Bavaria, Poland, where the wound of the Hussites was widening more and more.

In the Holy Land he promoted the union of the Armenians with Rome.

Wherever there was to incite, to guide and to fight, John raised his flag bearing the radiant coat of arms of Jesus or even a heavy wooden cross, which is still preserved in L'Aquila, throwing himself into the fray, with Teutonic firmness and with italics ardor.

He was seventy years old in 1456 when, on the occasion of the battle of Belgrade against the Turks, he entered the ranks of the fighters, where the fate of the weapons was more uncertain, inciting Christians to have faith in the name of Jesus.

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Three months later, on 23 October, John died in Villach, in Schiavonia, delivering to his faithful the Cross, emblem of Christ the King, whom he had served, to the point of exhaustion of his strength.

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