October 27: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 27 October is Saint Evaristo, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.


The news regarding Evaristo is scarce, perhaps born in Bethlehem from a Jewish family, he would have converted to Christianity once he arrived in Rome, ruling the Roman diocese in place of Pope Clement I, in the period in which the latter had been exiled to Chersonese Tauric, during the period of persecution carried out by the emperor Domitian or, more likely, by Trajan.

To some the question arises whether Evaristo is to be considered a pope in all respects or only an alternate of the exiled Pope Clement I.

Eusebio has no doubts about this, according to him it was Clement himself who transmitted the sacred papal ministry after his nine years of pontificate.

From Liber Pontificalis it seems that Evaristo divided Rome into seven places made holy by the martyrdom of Christians, later destined for the construction of a church in their memory.

He established that seven deacons should be present at the bishop's homilies and began the practice of public blessing at the end of the civil marriage celebration.

However, this statement reported by Liber Pontificalis, as you can guess, is devoid of any foundation because it attributes to Evaristo an institution that arose later instead in the Church of Rome.

More credible is the news, always reported in the Liber Pontificalis, according to which Evaristo is buried at the Tomb of Peter, although other sources declare that he is buried inside the church of Santa Maria Maggiore near Pietrasanta in Naples.

Evaristo's martyrdom, although traditionally recognized, is not proven by historical evidence.

Other saints and celebrations on 27 October

  • Blessed Bartholomew of Breganze (from Vicenza)
  • Bishop

  • San Gaudioso di Abitine
  • Bishop

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