October 28: saint of the day, name day


The saint of the day 28 October is Saints Simon and Jude, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saints Simon and Judas

These are two apostles of Jesus, the former was also called Canaanite or Zealot, while the latter was nicknamed Thaddeus the son of James.

If you look at the Gospels their names are found at the bottom of the list concerning the lists of the apostles and the information about them is scarce.

About Simone, born in Cana, it is known that the zealot was called for participating in the anti-Roman group of zealots, according to what has been handed down to us, it seems that the martyrdom suffered was rather bloody.

In fact, it seems that his body has even been reduced to pieces using a saw, for this reason he is depicted with this tool and has become the patron saint of lumberjacks and woodcutters.

The evangelist Luke offers the other apostle a representation that defines him as Judas of James, a statement on which Bible scholars are divided on the meaning to be attributed to this clarification.

Some believe it appropriate to translate the term brother, while others think he was the son of James.

Matteo and Marco use the name Taddeo instead, a nickname of Aramaic origin which translated means magnanimous.

According to the Gospel of John, Judas Thaddeus is the one who asked Jesus during the Last Supper: "Lord, how did it happen that you must manifest yourself to us and not to the world?".

Jesus replies: "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word and my Father will love him and we will come to him and take up residence with him".

From this affirmation of Christ derives the conception that the only way through which God can reach man, by taking up residence with him, is love.

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That the question was asked by Judas is no accident, in fact for his magnanimous heart he already knew the answer of the Master before asking him the question.

In the same way as Simon, Judas is also venerated as a martyr, even if the circumstances of his death remain shrouded in mystery.

Other saints and celebrations on 28 October

  • San Farone di Meaux
  • Bishop

  • San Fedele di Como
  • Martyr

  • San Ferruccio di Magonza
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  • San Francesco Diaz del Rincón
  • Dominican, martyr

  • San Francesco Serrano
  • Bishop and martyr

  • San Genesio of Thiers
  • Saint Germano of Talloires
  • Abbot

  • San Gioacchino Royo Perez
  • Martyr in China

  • St. John Alcober
  • Dominican, martyr

  • San Giovanni Dat
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Giuseppe Ruiz Bruixola
  • Priest and martyr

  • San Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman
  • Mexican martyr

  • Blessed Salvatore Damiano (Salvador Damian) Enguix Garès
  • Martyr

  • San Salvio di Amiens
  • Bishop

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