October 3: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 3 October is San Gerardo di Brogne, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Gerardo di Brogne

Of noble origin, Gerardo di Brogne since childhood began to be attracted to thoughts of monastic life devoted to chastity.

He was the founder of a Benedictine abbey in Brogne in Wallonia, he dedicated several years of his life to travel to Belgian lands, with the aim of reforming existing monasteries and founding others.

An exemplary man, with the gift of having many virtues, he was well known by influential families in the regions close to his convent.

This factor quickly drew the attention of the princes, in particular of Gisleberto di Lotaringia and Arnaldo di Fiandra who commissioned him to revive the monasteries they owned that were experiencing a serious period of decline.

As an untiring authentic religious, Gerardo crossed the Lotaringia and Flanders for twenty five years, dedicating himself to the reform of about twelve abbeys.

He died in Brogne in 959.

There are testimonies of the cult in San Gerardo starting from 1131 and Brogne, called today Saint-Gérard, quickly assumed the reputation of a place of pilgrimage.

The saint's feast takes place in the dioceses of Namur, Ghent and Liège.

The relics are kept in the convent of the Assumptionist Fathers in Saint-Gérard, the abbey of Maredsous, the parish house of Aubange and the church of Our Lady in Ghent.

Other saints and celebrations on 3 October

  • Blessed Adalgotto of Chur
  • Bishop

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