October 7: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 7 October is Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary

This celebration was instituted by Pope Pius V on the occasion of the anniversary of the naval victory brought back by Christians to Lepanto in 1571 and attributed to the help of the Holy Mother of God invoked by reciting the rosary.

A memorable event in which the Christian army led by the pontiff, despite the clear numerical inferiority, managed to cope with the attacks perpetrated by the infidels Turks, who ended the battle heavily downsized and forced to give up their expansionist aims.

From here began the practice of reciting the Holy Rosary, usually carried out in the evening within a family or church.

A devotion of extreme simplicity constituted by the recitation of dozens of Ave Maria interspersed with our Father, Gloria and religious passages relating to the various mysteries, an operation to be done with great calmness and slowness, undertaking to reflect.

This commemoration wants to invite everyone to meditate on the mysteries of Christ by letting themselves be guided by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was associated in an exceptional way with the incarnation, passion and glory of the Resurrection of the Son of God.

Other saints and celebrations on 7 October

  • Sant’Augusto di S. Sinforiano
  • Abbot

  • Blessed John Hunot
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Giuseppe Llosa Balaguer
  • Deacon and martyr

  • Saint Justina of Padua
  • Martyr

  • San Marcello
  • Martyr

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  • San Marco I
  • Pope

  • Blessed Martino Cid
  • Abbot

  • Saint Palladio of Saintes
  • Bishop

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