Office Programs: word processing, management


Selection of free office management and word processing programs, spreadsheets for computers to download for free.

Free office management programs

- AbiWord is one of the best existing Word Processors, full of useful features for both home and office.

Main features

- It is cross-platform compatible with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. It integrates perfectly with the operating system on which it is installed using all its features including image loading and print management.

- Reads and writes any type of document considered standard created with other Word Processors, such as the native formats of OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format, HTML pages and many others.

- Integrates advanced formatting functions to professionalise the appearance of documents created using tables, buttons, lists, images, notes and various graphic styles.

- It is available with the translation in many languages ​​including Italian.

- It has an internal automatic corrector, useful for reporting typing errors, based on a dictionary available in 30 languages.

- By supporting text from right to left, from left to right and mixed, it also makes it possible to support particular languages ​​such as Hebrew and Arabic.

- Very small in size and using very few resources to work, it can also be used safely on computers from a few years ago. It is based on a plug-in architecture that offers the possibility of adding to AbiWord all the functionality necessary for a modern writing program by extending its functionality.

- Address Office is a free program with a freeware license and is cross-platform. It allows you to easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs, AIM addresses, ICQ and email addresses.

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  • Office Programs: word processing, management

Very simple to use, it protects all data entered with a password.

Excellently integrated with the Internet, it opens Web pages and is able to send your emails through the chosen e-mail program.

He also dials phone numbers using an analog modem on a telephone line, using the correct international prefix for calls to foreign countries.

It includes a very useful calendar to remember all the appointments. Possibility to import and export e-mail addresses and word processing programs or spreadsheets.

- CodFree is a free professional program for obtaining the tax code of a natural person starting from personal data with a complete database of Italian municipalities and foreign states.

- Doc Organizer is a useful program for organizing all the documents recorded on your computer that are not moved from the position where they were saved but a link is created to them through the respective items organized in a tree structure.

- Labels is an excellent and simple program for archiving and printing labels that allows the creation of customized archives containing all the necessary data.

Compatible with all types of label paper, it allows you to create a personalized print setting for each archive created.

- Libre office is a cross-platform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. It is compatible with all the other main office suites.

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