Ohio (United States): what to see in the state


What to see in Ohio, information on the major attractions of this state of the United States of America and places to visit between agricultural fields and economically developed cities.

Tourist information

The name of this state, located in the northeastern part of the nation, which means beautiful river and beautiful land, derives from the homonymous river that marks the southern border of the state.

The Ohio territory is mainly flat with a higher altitude at the Appalachian plateau.

The climate, although being continental, is made milder in the northern part thanks to the proximity of Lake Erie.

The agricultural sector is highly developed, focusing mainly on the production of corn, oats, wheat, potatoes, sugar beet, fodder, tobacco, soy, fruit and vines.

The zootechnical heritage, that of subsoil resources and fishing, which is widely practiced on Lake Erie and in rivers, is also important.

Ohio is a highly industrialized state, especially in the steel and mechanical sector.

The Ohio flag has the particularity of being forked instead of rectangular taking inspiration from the first US flag.

What see

Columbus, baptized with this name in honor of Christopher Columbus, is the capital crossed by the Scioto river where many commercial and industrial activities have their headquarters.

Cleveland it is the largest industrial area where important industries are located, including the tire industry.

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