Online Banks: low cost current account


How to save and compare online banks that allow you to open a zero-cost bank account, without the help of bank branches scattered throughout the territory, with the possibility of comparing the banks of the network proposed, evaluating the financial investment services and the bank interest offered, net of bank charges.

Online bank account

We speak of direct banking when the online bank account offer takes place without the use of agencies scattered throughout the territory, as is the case for traditional banks.

From a regulatory point of view, a direct bank or an online bank is completely equivalent to a traditional bank, with the same guarantees of financial strength and solvency as a traditional bank, as it is also controlled by the same control bodies.

Savings security is guaranteed by the interbank fund and by computer mechanisms similar to those of normal banks. Thanks to a very streamlined structure, the direct bank offers its services at significantly lower costs in a more flexible and rapid way.

In part, the greater convenience is linked to the fact that the customer himself replaces the banking operator by carrying out the operations himself.

From a list of online banks we can select some that offer mortgages, in addition to the normal online checking account, checking which costs each credit institution charges on the individual transactions.

Online banks have very low current account expenses, sometimes even zero, mainly due to the lower costs incurred compared to traditional banks; in addition, current account interests are above the market average and with them it is possible to operate every day via the web and without time limits.

Requesting bank loans or information to open an online bank account is extremely simple and fast.

To provide banking services, three main channels are used by online banks, consisting of the Internet through a website, specially created call centers and financial agents or promoters.

Of these channels the most used is that of the Internet which associates the definition of direct bank with that of online bank.

Bank account management is simple and takes place via a control panel reserved for each user of the online bank.

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There are also great advantages in the case of investment transactions, especially in those in which timing is crucial, as in the case of online trading.

In addition, a direct online bank allows you to execute stock market orders at a drastically reduced cost in real time.

A convenient checking account is the one that offers the best bank interests and the lowest account expenses for the same services provided or even higher.

Choosing a current account in the internet age is very easy as the network has increased competition between banks by decreasing their fixed costs and even eliminating some for simpler online transactions, as can be found, for example, in some cases, for wire transfers banking.

The comparison between the various offers allows you to choose the bank with the banking products that best suit your operational needs, before actually opening a current account online.

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