Online Tourism: evolution of travel purchase on the internet


Online tourism is a term that is used to define the purchase, sale and search for tourist information on how to organize a trip.

Definition of online tourism

Certainly the great diffusion of the internet has contributed to mark an epoch-making turning point in the travel and holidays sector, which has led to more and more incentives for online sales of holiday packages by tourism companies.

The positive implications have been manifold for the final consumer and among them, first of all, the considerable savings that can be obtained and the great ease of use that allows you to choose from a very wide range of last minute offers must be noted respectively.

Online tourism evolution

Consumers have long since become accustomed to finding information from the net and are increasingly looking for information on everything, trying to find sites that offer reviews and help them find the necessary suppliers for the products they are looking for.

Low-cost airlines have multiplied in a few years, increasing competition thanks to good services of a very close, if not sometimes better, level than traditional flag carriers.

They sell air tickets exclusively via the web and this together with other small things, which however do not come at the expense of security, offer really discounted prices and sometimes even torn to compete with land or naval vehicles.

In addition, there are also many hotel booking services and holiday travel offers that allow you to book and acquire everything via the internet by sending the documentation instantly by e-mail to the address provided by the user.

The user who wants to buy a trip online therefore ends up having a totally direct relationship with the various procedures that lead him to plan his trip and most likely will be so satisfied that he will no longer go to any travel agency.

The prices of air flights to any destination and with each airline can get to know them in a few mouse clicks and without wasting time will find the best travel offer.

There are therefore all the preconditions for the online tourism market to grow further in size and price competitiveness.

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