Ottawa: what to see in the capital of Canada


What to see in Ottawa, where it is located, historical notes, places to visit with the main attractions and interesting museums not to be missed.

Tourist information

Capital of Canada, Ottawa is located in the province of Ontario on the right bank of the homonymous river, at the confluence of the Rideau and Gatineau rivers, in front of the city of Gatineau, which is now part of the urban agglomeration of Ottawa, although it belongs to the province of Quebec .

The ancient name of Ottawa was Bytown, a town whose growth was fueled by the timber trade, in a territory originally inhabited by the Algonquin Indians, and then populated by a large number of immigrants.

Since 1858 Ottawa has been elevated to the capital of the country, at the behest of Queen Victoria who, for geographical reasons, preferred it to other Canadian cities.

This decision made it necessary to implement a development plan that would give the city the merit of this title.

The creation of the system of parks and avenues was started, the parliamentary buildings were built, partly destroyed by a fire in 1916, and then rebuilt preserving the original neo-Gothic style.

However, the city remained a provincial town, to improve it, in 1936 consultancy was requested from the French architect Jacques Greber, who presented a development plan in which the conservation and creation of many green spaces was crucial.

The project was carried out largely after the Second World War, starting a transformation that will help make Ottawa become today's capital, with wide streets, clean air and many green parks.

What see

Ottawa, whose population is native English and French, represents a very important cultural center.

Among the museums to visit, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology and the Canadian Aviation Museum are worth mentioning.

The Rideau canal, an artificial waterway that connects the cities of Ottawa and Kingston through a long stretch of the town, was inaugurated in 1832 and included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2007.

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This stream is used by small boats or boats for tourism purposes, except for the winter months when it is frozen and part of it is transformed into a large skating rink, about 8 kilometers long, where the inhabitants of Ottawa they find themselves having fun.


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