Peasant artichoke recipe in oil


How to make peasant artichokes in oil following a recipe that includes, among the ingredients, lemon and peppercorns, with bay leaves and dry white wine.

Artichoke ingredients in oil

- Bay leaves

- Pepper in grains

- Olive oil

- Small artichokes

- Lemons

- Dry white wine

- White wine vinegar

- Salt

Preparation of peasant artichokes in oil

Small artichokes are the last flowers that bloom on the plant when production of the larger ones is finished.

Start by cleaning the carcifini, flipping the outside and cutting off the stems and tips with thorns.

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Throw them away, it is not necessary to wash them first, in a container full of water with proportioned lemon juice, usually half a glass per liter, as much as needed is enough to cover them.

Take a steel pot to be filled with vinegar and wine in the same measure, just enough to submerge the artichokes to be thrown in, add a pinch of salt, half a squeezed lemon, a few bay leaves and pepper corn.

After bringing to a boil, dip the artichokes, after having drained them well from the lemon, leave them on the fire for a few minutes and then pull them up, still al dente, with a slotted spoon. Arrange them on a straw wire rack and cover them with a kitchen towel.

As soon as they are cold, start placing them in the jars, adding a little bay leaf and pepper to each. Once this is done, pour in the olive oil until the artichokes are completely covered.

The preparation ends by allowing an additional ten days to pass, during which more olive oil must be added on a daily basis, as it is absorbed inside the artichokes.

To ensure correct conservation, the jars must remain tightly closed.

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