Pescasseroli (Abruzzo): what to see


What to see in Pescasseroli, itinerary including the main places of interest, including ski facilities, park visitor center, Palazzo Sipari and Church of San Pietro e Paolo.

Tourist information

Main center of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, Pescasseroli is an attractive holiday resort, suitable for every season, located at 1160 meters above sea level in the Marsican Mountains in Abruzzo.

Near the center of Pescasseroli there are the ski facilities including refreshment points, downhill slopes, cross-country ski rings and paths through ancient forests and rocky peaks, surrounded by a suggestive natural environment where it is possible to observe unique animals, such as Marsican bears, wolves, roe deer, deer, chamois and other protected species.

In the village there is a park visitor center, equipped with a covered area where tools from the Abruzzo pastoral world are shown, while outside it is possible to observe, inside some enclosures, interesting specimens of the native fauna.

What see

In the historic center stands Palazzo Sipari, the seat of the foundation named after Erminio Sipari, founder of the Abruzzo National Park and cousin of the philosopher Benedetto Croce, who was born in this palace in 1866.

Noteworthy is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul founded in the XII century, modified in the XVI and restored after the 1915 earthquake.

Inside there is a wooden statue, depicting the Madonna and child and dated around the thirteenth century.

The statue, venerated as the Black Madonna of the Crowned, according to some historical documents, was initially located in another church in the area called the Castle, corresponding to the original residential settlement of Pescasseroli, located higher than the current one, abandoned after the almost total destruction caused by the 1579 earthquake.

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