Phrases about rudeness: aphorisms, quotes


Quotes, aphorisms and phrases about rudeness, or about disrespect, an unpleasant attitude often driven by arrogance and impropriety towards others.

Quotes about rudeness

- In reality, only fathers dominate the art of badly educating their children. (Enrique Jardiel Poncela)

- If only a man indulges in murder, very soon he will come to think that stealing is a joke; and from theft to drinking and not honoring the holidays, and from them to rudeness and laziness, the step is short. (Thomas De Quincey)

- Rudeness, irresponsibility, duplicity and stupidity are the characteristics of real human interactions: the matter of conversations, the cause of many sleepless nights. (Jonathan Franzen)

- Shame for a father to have a rude son, if it is a daughter, it is his downfall. (Sirach)

- The vices of young people derive not from nature, who has no faults, who is an equally generous mother with all her children, but from defects in education. (William Godwin)

- I knew a man who put his fingers in his nose as he spoke. Had it been at least his! (Karl Kraus)

- It is part of a good education to know when it is appropriate to be rude. (Joan Fuster)

- If you offend your neighbor, it's better not to do it halfway. (George Bernard Shaw)

- Good education consists of hiding how well we think of ourselves and how badly of others. (Mark Twain)

- Rarely being rude pays off. It never pays to be rude in the middle. (Norman Douglas)

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- Nothing outweighs the rudeness and the rudeness that is committed out of shyness. (Emil Cioran)

Aphorisms on rudeness

- In the human heart there can be an abyss of rudeness that neither love nor courage can cross. (Patrick Gordon Campbell)

- It is a rule of good manners to avoid exaggerations. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

- It is impossible not to notice, the new rudeness is global, it is in the air, it overflows from cell phones, it overflows from televisions, it dominates cultural and political conversation, and it seriously threatens to overwhelm us. (Danny Wallace)

- Children are educated by what adults are and not by their speeches. (Carl Gustav Jung)

- Canadians on trams don't give way to ladies. Even if they are beautiful. (Ernest Hemingway)

- General tolerance with regard to unnecessary noise, for example with regards to slamming doors, a habit beyond rude and vulgar way, even a symptom of general obtuseness and poverty of ideas. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

- Do not look for the voice in fish or for virtue in badly educated people. (Plutarch)

- Using unusual words is an act of literary rudeness. Only the difficulties of thought must be placed in the public's feet. (Karl Kraus)

- Simple minds have always confused honesty with rudeness. (Jonny Lee Miller)

- A man without grace is an inappropriate speech: it is always on the lips of the rude. (Sirach)

- Most young people believe they are natural, while they are only rude and coarse. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

Phrases about rudeness

- If you only have a smile inside you, give it to the people you love. Do not be rude at home, then go out on the street and start smiling at complete strangers saying good morning to them. (Maya Angelou)

- Anyone who is angry at a party is rude. (George Herbert Di Cherbury)

- As an intelligent man is not afraid of looking stupid to another intelligent man, so not from a great gentleman, but from a peasant the elegant man is afraid to see his elegance undetected. (Marcel Proust)

- Rudeness is an imitation of strength of the weak man. (Eric Hoffer)

- A thousand times better, if you really have to talk better, a rude boy of a knowledgeable man, better a rebellious man than a docile one in every occasion. The rude rebel still has the opportunity to train himself according to his will; the docile saputello, however, is determined by gender, by general needs. (Max Stirner)

- A little rudeness and disrespect can raise a senseless interaction to an arm wrestling and add drama to an otherwise boring day. (Bill Watterson)

- Educating is always easier than re-educating. (A.S.Makarenko)

- There are days when it seems that rudeness is in the air. This is closer to the truth than you think.Indeed, a recent study by Trevor Foulk of the University of Florida speculates that rudeness is contagious. Literally. It spreads just like a common cold. (Danny Wallace)

- Today, children love their comforts too much, lack education, despise authority, contradict parents and behave rude. (Plato)

- I love when they insult me. It means I can stop being polite. (Billy Idol)

- Rudeness, irresponsibility, duplicity and stupidity are the characteristics of real human interactions: the matter of conversations, the cause of many sleepless nights. (Jonathan Franzen)

- In this men are just like children: they become rude if you spoil them; therefore one should not be too easy-going and affectionate with anyone. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

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