Phrases about the heat: aphorisms, funny quotes


Collection of phrases about the heat to laugh, aphorisms about the summer heat, quotes about the torrid and sultry climate, funny jokes about the heat and sweating in the summer.

Quotes about the heat

- The weather was fine, it was hot; sweat trickled down their hair, everyone was holding handkerchiefs to dry their foreheads. (Gustave Flaubert)

- It was so hot that we had to feed the ice cubes to the chickens to prevent them from laying hard boiled eggs. (Tony Randall)

- How hot! The summer was so terrible that the only thing there was to do was to remove my flesh and sit on my bones. (Sydney Smith)

- On the peaks it is warmer than imagined in the valleys, especially in winter. (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

- Summer is that time when it is too hot to do those things for which it was too cold in winter. (Mark Twain)

- If you want to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand. (Buddha)

- In this hour that you guess sultry. Above the roof there is a grandiose cloud. (Eugenio Montale)

- It is a clear sign of summer if the chair gets up with you. (Walter Winchell)

- The Bermuda triangle has grown tired of being a hot place. He moved to Alaska. And now Santa Claus is missing. (Steven Alexander Wright)

- It was said that it was so hot in the city in the afternoon that big and big men begged the cops to kill them with a gunshot! (Al Pacino)

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- Blessed Daniel of Scete, who as a young man was unsure whether to devote himself to science or devote himself to the Lord, fled to the desert on the day he heard a famous teacher from the school of Alexandria speak like this: “Heat expands the bodies, which is why that in summer the days are longer than in winter ". (R.Kern)

- A little excitement is enough to send the temperature to the stars. (Bruce Chatwin)

- Summer is that time when it is too hot to do those things for which it was too cold in winter. (Mark Twain)

- There is no point in complaining that it is hot every five minutes, the temperature will not drop.

- Despite the fan spinning madly, my forehead kept dripping incessantly, so I found nothing better than going for a cold shower.

- Courtesy is for human nature what heat is for wax. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

- You can conceive of heat without fire and light without the sun, but you cannot conceive of God without soul and soul without God. (Meister Eckhart)

Aphorisms on the heat

- How hot it is we are not happy, if it is not cold, we don't talk about it if it rains ... but then maybe we don't like anything?

- For an old man, the homeland is everywhere where it's hot. (Maksim Gorkij)

- The weather forecast says that it will be very hot and that a short rain will fall together with sand from the desert ... in a nutshell it will be even hotter, better to go to a bain marie.

- It is so hot that my wife has put her panties back on, telling me that activities will resume in September.

- What a terrible hot weather we have! It keeps me in a constant state of inelegance. (Jane Austen)

- All the measures needed to repair from the cold are useful even in hot weather.

- There is a fireball outside. It's hot here! (John Glenn)

- The tea becomes icy and the room becomes colder and colder, but the heat grows more and more in me. (Clara Schumann)

- If it is true that you have to love your neighbor, try to do it on the day of August on a bus full of damaged air conditioning ... you will change your mind!

- In the summer for most of the night I sweat, during the day I go to a bain-marie in cold water and afterwards I dry myself with an icy towel in the refrigerator.

- It is so hot that the air conditioner has melted, unfortunately it is August and the repairers are all on vacation ... go with the fan at full speed!

- To overcome the heat, I practiced the technique of standing still on the sofa, unfortunately the upholstery turns yellow from the sweat I produce.

- Do you know what our planet is missing? The warmth of hell and the light of paradise. (Efim Tarlapan)

- Hot and humid in summer, cold and dry in winter.

- Make a fire for a man, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he will stay warm for the rest of his life. (Terry Pratchett)

- This summer is so hot that the sex shops have started selling spicy mint slushes.

- The sun does not wait to be prayed to spread rays and heat. In the same way it does every good that depends on you without being prayed for. (Epictetus)

Phrases about the heat

- It is so hot that the plants on my terrace drink liters of water every day.

- Love melts the frozen self. The self is similar to an ice cube, love is similar to the morning sun. The warmth of love ... and the self begins to melt. (Osho)

- The only pleasure I could experience on this sultry day is to get into a refrigerator as soon as possible.

- This evening because of the heat I will sleep naked ... with immense pleasure from the mosquitoes that will satisfy their thirst.

- You say you can't take it anymore because of the heat, ok ... but when it passes you won't fall into crisis again because of the cold?

- So, we have pornographic newspapers, prehistoric females in heat. Remarkable. (Stanley Goodspeed)

- It is so hot that instead of running off the sweat I evaporate it!

- Love restores like the heat of the sun after the rain. (William Shakespeare)

- Complaining the heat is useless, unless you do it as a pastime waiting for winter.

- If you don't tolerate heat, stay away from the kitchen. (Harry Truman)

- If the chair remains glued to your butt, it means that you are also sweating from this hot beast.

- All the statistics in the world cannot measure the warmth of a smile. (Chris Hart)

- Love feeds only on doves, and this generates warmth to the blood and warm blood makes warm thoughts, warm thoughts make warm actions, and these warm actions are love. (William Shakespeare)

- I want warmth on my skin, I want flames, I want sparks.

- Repetition, like rubbing, is likely to produce heat rather than progress. (George Eliot)

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