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Quotes and phrases about waiting, aphorisms about waiting for a person, a love or the right time to do something with the most famous expression of philosophical concepts and profound reflections.

Aphorisms on waiting

- Waiting eases mediocre passions and increases big ones.

- The ability to wait is probably one of the most important things we need to learn. (Pope francesco)

- When you really want love you will find it waiting for you. (Oscar Wilde)

- What is life after all? Just waiting for something else. And death is the only thing we can be sure of that comes.

- Every expectation is always better than anything expected, but you cannot perpetually wait and wait for something that doesn't happen. (Orhan Pamuk)

- Those who know how to wait don't need to make concessions. (Sigmund Freud)

- Everything is cut for those who can wait. (Francois Rabelais)

- The wait is long; my dream of you is not over. (Eugenio Montale)

- I believe we are all waiting for a change from heaven. (Neil Burger)

- Then let each season encompass all the others, and the present embraces the past with the memory and the future with waiting.

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- Waiting for you is like waiting for the rain during a drought: useless and disappointing. (Hilary Duff)

- If you need time to succeed, your aim can only be false. Reality is always with you; there is no need to wait to be what you are. (Nisargadatta Maharaj)

- Our greatest fears arise from waiting. (Jon Hamm)

- The wait is an arrow that flies and remains stuck in the target. The realization of the wait is an arrow that goes beyond the target.

- Waiting too long for a late guest is a lack of respect for all those present. (Anthelme Brillat Savarin)

- Experience has taught me this: if you wait for the ideal moment, in which everything is safe and guaranteed, that moment may never come. And then you don't climb mountains, you don't win races and you don't reach happiness. (Maurice Chevalier)

- This was also an advantage of waiting: it gave her the opportunity to reflect.

- Knowing how to wait is the big secret of success. (Joseph Marie De Maistre)

- What is life after all? Just waiting for something else. And death is the only thing we can be sure of that comes. (Bram Stoker)

- Blessed are those who cultivate the pleasure of waiting.

- Don't wait for the day you stop suffering. Because when it arrives you will know that you are dead. (Tennessee Williams)

- Waiting transforms the moments, forever.

Quotes about waiting

- Waiting for pleasure is itself pleasure. (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

- Knowing that you no longer have any hope does not prevent you from continuing to wait.

- It's always nice to be expected and not to arrive. (Oscar Wilde)

- The opposite of speaking is not listening. The opposite of talking is waiting. (Fran Lebowitz)

- I've been waiting all my life. I just don't know what I'm waiting for. (Catherine Zeta Jones)

- Fortunato is the man who has time to wait. (Pedro Calderon De La Barca)

- We never look for things, but the search for things, we never live in the present, but waiting for the future. (Blaise Pascal)

- A sure way to irritate people and put bad thoughts in their heads is to keep them waiting for a long time. This makes them immoral.

- The rest of humanity awaits you, full of hope, beyond the fence. (Janet Mcteer)

- You can't just sit back and wait for people to give you the golden dream; you have to go out and make it happen. (Diana Ross)

- Being ready is a lot, knowing how to wait is better, but taking advantage of the moment is everything. (Arthur Schnitzeler)

- All the men we keep waiting for a long time in the anteroom of our favor go into fermentation or become acidic.

- The main thing in politics is knowing how to wait: the best at doing it wins the game. (Ryszard Kapuscinski)

He could wait while I decided what to say to her. If to tell her something. (Aidan Chambers)

- I can't wait for something that could never happen! (Jason Bateman)

- The person waiting for something to happen can start rolling up their sleeves. (Garth Henrichs)

- Why are we waiting for anything? Why don't we take pleasure immediately? How many times happiness is destroyed by preparation, stupid preparation. (Jane Austen)

- You insist on waiting for Ōki even knowing that waiting is completely useless, and it's like waiting for the past. Both water and time never flow backwards. (Yasunari Kawabata)

- Slow things are the most beautiful. We must know how to wait.

- Waiting eases mediocre passions and increases bigger ones. (Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

It's strange how the people waiting for you stand out far less than the people you're waiting for.

- Hope means to wait. (Richard Ford)

Phrases about waiting

- It's stupid to wait for your ship to arrive unless you sent one. (Alfred Armand Montapert)

- Calm my friend, stay calm and everything will go at the right time. So that's this job, you don't have to wait for it to happen, you don't even have to want it to happen, you just have to watch what's going on.

- If the house of happiness were built, the largest room would be the waiting room. (Jules Renard)

- We must learn to awaken and keep ourselves awake, not with the help of mechanical means, but through an infinite wait for dawn. (Henry David Thoreau)

- It doesn't matter how long you wait, but who you wait!

- Everything tastes like licorice. Especially anything that has been waiting for so long, such as absinthe. (Ernes Hemingway)

- Do not wait for this meeting because it will never happen, the only thing left is to imagine what you will not see.

- He who waits long can expect little. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

- Patience can make stones sprout, provided you know how to wait.

- You can always improve things ... if you are willing to wait. (Freeman John Dyson)

- I noticed that people who arrive late are often much happier than those who have to wait for them. (Edward Verrall Lucas)

- Don't wait for the wind to blow up the sail of your luck. Blow inside you.

- But waiting is more complete joy. (Eugenio Montale)

- If you are on time, you will have to wait.

- Falling in love is insignificant, his expectation instead is substantial. (Javier Marias)

- The things that come to those who wait can be the things left by those who got there first. (Andy Rooney)

Clive hadn't lived long. He had spent too long waiting for things to happen. (Nick Hornby)

- One moment was the most you could expect from perfection.

- The biggest obstacle to living is waiting, which depends on tomorrow but wastes today. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

- Waiting for a joy was always a joy. (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

- Everything comes to those who know how to wait, but only the things left by those who have already been busy. (Abraham Lincoln)

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