Phrases for funny postcards, greetings from the holidays


Wide assortment of phrases for postcards, sms or emails, to send to greet, with beautiful and funny thoughts, relatives and friends from a trip or a holiday.

Phrases for holiday postcards

- We had the pleasure of admiring magnificent architecture and fabulous landscapes ... see you soon.

- If I look back to my life, I am struck by postcards, Ruined Photos, faded posters of a time that I can't remember. (Jim Morrison)

- From a wonderful city I send you my most sincere greetings.

- We missed a holiday like this. Next time we hope you can come too.

- This square is really beautiful, thanks for your valuable advice.

- Postcards pasted with adhesive tape served as windows open to another time and space, those where old Karafilis persisted in living. (Jeffrey Eugenides)

- The secret of success is to make your calling your holiday. (Mark Twain)

- You were an excellent adviser. You could not tell us more beautiful place than this for our holidays.

- This place deserves the effort of the trip!

- Being on vacation is having nothing to do and having all day to do it. (Robert Orben)

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- Are there deeper holidays than taking leave of one's self? (Amélie Nothomb)

- I think about you a lot and can't wait for these holidays to end up still being with you.

- For now you have to settle for a photo, but get ready for when I come back ...

Phrases nice postcards

- If I were a doctor, I would prescribe a vacation to all patients who consider their work important. (Bertrand Russell)

- You never need a vacation as much as when you have just returned. (Ann Landers)

- The places are lovely, the hotel too ... only you are missing.

- When can we come together to this magnificent place?

- It is surprising how people spend more time planning their next vacation than their future. (Patricia Fripp)

- One should be a different person not on vacation, but after the vacation. (Gerhard Ulenbruck)

- Who knows if one day we will see this sunset together!

- If you were here, we could visit this extraordinary museum together.

- We want sunny beaches, and then we spend time keeping the sun away from our skin, salt water out of our bodies, and sand out of our things. (Erma Bombeck)

- Why do you insist on choosing twelve different postcards on holiday, when in reality they are addressed to twelve people who do not know each other? (Sacha Guitry)

- I have a lot of fun, but I miss you!

- I entered the Cathedral ... and I admired it for you too.

- Happy the tourist who saw everything before the arrival of the tourists! (Bernard Arcand)

Phrases postcards friends

- Nothing wears out as much as the holidays, when they go on. (Jean-Christophe Rufin)

- The only flaw of this trip: miss you!

- Do you remember when we visited it together?

- Tourism is an industry that consists of transporting people who would be better off to their home, to places that would be better without them. (Jean Mistler)

- If one spent a whole year on vacation, having fun would be as stressful as working. (William Shakespeare)

- Thanks for recommending this beautiful place!

- Are you sure you don't want to come with me next time?

- The only reason we ask other people how their vacation went is because we want to tell our story. (Chuck Palahniuk)

- We were undecided between divorce and vacation. Then we thought that the holidays to the Bermuda islands in two weeks are over, while a divorce lasts a lifetime. (Woody Allen)

- From a beautiful place, many greetings!

- Everything here is beautiful, I often think of you and I miss you.

- Holidays: Two weeks on the sunny sands - and the rest of the year, on the financial debt grate. (Sam Ewing)

- I thought the holidays were emptying my head. But nothing, the holidays empty only one thing: the wallet. (Jean-Philippe Blondel)

Funny postcards phrases

- Do you want to join me? I will stay here for some time.

- Fascinated by this splendid panorama, I do nothing but think of you.

- An exceptional sunset dedicated to you!

- Doing nothing is a wonderful occupation.It is a pity that you have to give it up during the holidays, when the essential is precisely to do something. (Pierre Daninos)

- Man's only holidays are the nine months he spends in the womb. (Frédéric Dard)

- I remember you with affection even from afar. See you soon.

- Enchanted by this beautiful landscape, I greet you all with great affection.

- After all, the best part of a vacation is not so much resting, as seeing all the other business colleagues who can't do it. (Kenneth Grahame)

- The ant is wise and experienced, but not enough to take a vacation. (Clarence Day)

- I miss you, at least a little? I miss you infinitely.

- A landscape like this I could only dedicate it to you!

- It is surprising how important your job is when you ask for a day off, and how it is not important when you ask for a raise. (Tom Antion)

- Courage man. Know how to appreciate this holiday, this change for once, like the air, the point of view ... it helps you lay down your clothes, for a few moments to pretend to be God. (Paul Klee)

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