Phrases get well soon: wishes for a speedy recovery


Phrases of wishes for a speedy recovery, nice quotes and aphorisms to say heal a sick person early or recover early if in convalescence, following more or less serious health problems.

Phrases get well soon

- I miss you so much, I want to see you soon with your beautiful smile and in the best shape.

- Take courage, the worst moment is over, soon we will all go out together to celebrate with a dinner. Get well soon!

- We know how hard these days have been for you: you gritted your teeth and now we know you are on the mend.

- The thing that most helps you heal is a good mood. (Pindar)

- We are very pleased to know you are on the mend. Come back soon, we look forward to seeing you with great joy.

- From the day you miss home, everything has changed over time, melancholy and depression reign among us, so don't keep us waiting, get well soon and return to your family hearth.

- The desire to heal has always been half the health. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

- We are all looking forward to you, get well soon again and we will pamper you a lot!

- Recover all your energy to defeat this disease, you have to go back to living your life fully. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

- As soon as the healing has taken place, go out and heal someone else. (Maya Angelou)

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  • Phrases get well soon: wishes for a speedy recovery

- I'll give you a few more days then no more excuses. Heal otherwise I go crazy.

- Suffering from a disease lasts an instant, compared to the beauty of life which on the contrary is immense and infinite. Happy healing!

- Doctors do not actually heal people but only give their help as it is the person himself who heals with his willpower.

- Even being sick is pleasant when you know there are people waiting for your recovery as a party. (Anton Chekhov)

Phrases get well soon

- With the hope of regaining your health as soon as possible.

- Luckily the worst is over now. Know that you made us worry so much, after your difficult operation we were all anxious, but you were more courageous than all of us, helping us to find the serenity that had disappeared. A big hug, your friends forever.

- The Lord tests us only for what we are able to endure, for this reason do not be afraid, you will see that you will recover quickly and return to perfect physical form.

- I urge you to recover early to take care of yourself again. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

- Everyone is asking me about you urgently. Get well soon because I don't know what to say anymore!

- I know, from personal experience, how difficult these days of hospitalization are for you, I recommend you never give up and always trust in prayer to get well soon.

- Once you become aware of your illness you must be stronger than she and win by contrasting your infinite love for life.

- Please, be strong and come back soon among us healed, we miss you and there is an immense need for you.

- I'm sure we can meet again in person soon, for the moment please accept this sincere greeting message for a speedy recovery.

- My friend, take courage ... because I am close to you and when in pain you have at least one person who shares it with you sincerely you are able to overcome any suffering better. Get well soon!

- I always say a large part of healing is in your hands. (Hayley Mills)

- On behalf of all your colleagues, I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

- Take all the medicines they give you, without fuss. You must heal as soon as possible!

- Healing means acting, it is not a passive event. (Caroline Myss)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

- We are sorry for your indisposition: We hope you will be informed soon.

- I wish you to return soon in perfect physical and mental shape.

- When you no longer remember how you hurt yourself then you are healed. (Jane Fonda)

- I can't stand knowing you sick. Make yourself beautiful, tonight I will tell you fairy tales of love, but you, even if not perfectly fit, let yourself be kidnapped by me!

- The art of medicine consists in distracting the patient while nature works healing. (Voltaire)

- I found a magic lamp. The only wish to be expressed is that you heal immediately.

- Evil is already half healed when the cause has been discovered. (St. Francis de Sales)

- Without you nothing is as before ... the house lacks your laughter, heal and come back soon!

- You are always a person full of contagious strength, love of life, good humor ... that's why I know that you will recover in a very short time.

- To heal is to touch with love what we previously touched with fear. (Stephen Levine)

- Not all ills come to harm ... they say that the fever will increase, but if you continue like this you become a vatussa!

- The main cause of healing is love. (Paracelsus)

- Not all ills come to do harm ... they say that fever will increase height, but now that's enough, otherwise you exaggerate ... get well soon!

- We understand that you enjoy free board and lodging and that the nurses are young and beautiful, but now that's enough, do not be selfish and go back to suffering with your dear friends.

- We want to see you in perfect physical shape as soon as possible otherwise how do we play tennis alone, to make a double we are only three, you are the fourth, so you are essential, always remember it ... wishes for a speedy recovery!

Thoughts on speedy recovery

Phrases of good wishes for speedy recovery are used in all those cases where you want to bring support to a sick person.

With the words good healing, on the other hand, you want to wish someone to be able to eradicate their illness without leaving any more or less evident signs of it.

Wound healing indicates a complex procedure implemented to regenerate human tissues through the transient neoformation of the granulation tissue which must subsequently progress towards the scar as a definitive structure.

The healing factor represents a particular power attributed to some imaginary characters that allows to heal wounds in an accelerated way with superhuman characteristics.

Many healings were performed by Jesus through the supernatural events performed by him called miracles that ended with the total disappearance of the ongoing disease or physical infirmity and all this in various different episodes of His Life.

Get Well Soon Message - Sweet Get Well Wishes for a Friend or Loved One (April 2024)

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