Phrases of Pope John Paul II: quotes, famous aphorisms


Aphorisms, quotations, poems and famous phrases with which Pope John Paul II invited not to be afraid and to open the doors to the love of Christ, thoughts of Pope Wojtyla to young people, words about marriage, family, marriage, baptism and first communion.

Quotes of Pope John Paul II

- What will the years ahead of us bring us? What will man's future be like on earth? We don't know. However, it is certain that, alongside new progress, there will unfortunately be painful experiences.

- Do not be afraid! On the contrary, open the doors to Christ! To its savior power you open the borders of the States, the economic systems as the political ones, the vast fields of culture, civilization, development. Do not be afraid! Christ knows "what is inside man". Only he knows!

- Through prayer, God reveals himself above all as Mercy, that is, as Love that goes towards the suffering man, Love that sustains, raises up, invites to trust.

- Freedom is a great good, because only with it can man be realized in a way that responds to his nature. Freedom is light: it allows you to choose your goals responsibly and the way to reach them. In the most intimate nucleus of human freedom is the right to religious freedom, because this is related to man's most essential relationship: that with God.

- Faith and reason are like the two wings with which the human spirit rises towards the contemplation of truth.

- In our societies affected by the global phenomenon of migration, it is necessary to seek a fair balance between respect for one's own identity and the recognition of that of others. In fact, it is necessary to recognize the legitimate plurality of cultures present in a country, compatibly with the protection of the order on which social peace and the freedom of citizens depend.

- If someone had told me that one day I would become Pope, I would have studied with more commitment.

- We are increasingly convinced that we must fight the evil of the war at its root, because peace is not only the absence of conflicts, but a long-term dynamic and participatory process, which involves every part of society, from the family to the school, to various national institutions and bodies
and international. Together we can and must build a culture of peace, capable of preventing the use of weapons and all forms of violence.

- Prayer is the origin and conclusion of any commitment.

- Dear brothers and children, childhood is not just any period of human life, from which we can isolate ourselves artificially: as a child is the flesh of the flesh of his parents, so all children are a living part of society. It is for this reason that in childhood the very fate of all life, of "his" and "ours", that is, of everyone's life, is at stake. We will therefore serve childhood by enhancing life and choosing "for" life at every level and we will help it by presenting the most delicate and sensitive eyes and hearts of children to what is most noble and high in life.

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- They will tell you that you are not enough. Don't be fooled, you are much better than what they want you to believe.

- Young people, be peacemakers! You are full-fledged operators in this great common work. Resist the comforts that fall asleep in sad mediocrity and the sterile violence with which certain adults, who are not at peace with themselves, sometimes want to exploit you. Follow the paths on which your sense of gratuitousness, of the joy of life, of sharing.

- Peace is a good to be promoted with good: it is good for people, for families, for the nations of the earth and for all humanity; however, it is a good to be preserved and cultivated through choices and good works. We can then understand the profound truth of another of Paul's maxims: "Return evil for evil to no one" (Rom 12: 17). The only way to get out of the vicious circle of evil for evil is to accept the word of the Apostle: "Do not let yourselves be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Rom 12, 21).

- Where there is no respect for human rights, I mean the inalienable rights inherent in man as a man, there can be no peace, because any violation of personal dignity favors resentment and a spirit of revenge.

- Evil is not an anonymous force that operates in the world by virtue of deterministic and impersonal mechanisms. Evil passes through human freedom. Precisely this faculty, which distinguishes man from other living beings on earth, is at the center of the drama of evil and is constantly accompanied by it. Evil always has a face and a name: the face and name of men and women who freely choose it.

- The future begins today, not tomorrow.

Aphorisms of Pope John Paul II

- I wish I could meet each of you, in every place on earth, to bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus, who passed by "doing good and healing" the sick (Acts 10, 38). I would like to be able to stand by you to console the pains, support courage, nourish hope, so that each one knows how to make himself a gift of love to Christ for the good of the Church and the world.

- I am a supporter of ... what it is called ... rock.

- Generating a child, for man, is above all a "receiving it from God": it is a question of welcoming the creature that is generated as a gift from God. For this reason, children belong first to God than to their own parents: and this is a truth full of implications for both one and the other.

- Do not pass from the slavery of the communist regime to the slavery of consumerism.

- Here, dear friends, where the true need of Christian culture lies. This wonderful creation of man can only derive from the contemplation of the mystery of Christ and from listening to his word, put into practice with total sincerity and unreserved commitment, following the example of the Virgin Mary. Faith frees thought and opens new horizons to the language of poetic and literary art, to philosophy, to theology, as well as to other forms of creativity proper to human genius.

- Trust is not acquired through force. Nor is it achieved by declarations alone. You must deserve trust with concrete gestures and facts.

- Man lives, works, creates, suffers, fights, loves, hates, doubts, falls and gets up again in communion with others. I therefore appeal to all the various communities. To Peoples, Nations, Regimes, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Systems, and I say: - Accept the great truth about man.

- Where personal interest is suppressed, it is replaced by an onerous bureaucratic control system that drains the sources of initiative and creativity.

- Do not abandon yourself to despair. We are the people of Easter, and Alleluia is our song.

- Freedom is not an end in itself; it is authentic only when it is placed at the service of truth, solidarity and peace.

- Accept the full truth about man spoken on Christmas night.

- As in the time of spears and swords, so too today, in the era of missiles, it is man's heart that kills, before weapons.

- Violence never resolves conflicts, nor does it diminish their dramatic consequences.

- Everyone knows, albeit darkly and with fear, that wherever God dies in the consciousness of the human person, there inevitably follows the death of man, who is the image of God.

- Accept this dimension of man, which has opened up to all men on this Holy Night!

- Christ on the Cross took upon himself all the crosses of the world.

Phrases of Pope John Paul II

- Outside of God's mercy there is no other source of hope for human beings.

- If you are constant in daily prayer and in Sunday attendance at Mass, your love for Jesus will grow. And your heart will know the joy and deep peace which the world will not be able to give.

- Accept the mystery in which every man has lived since Christ was born.

- How many times very rich people are not happy, because they have not been able to draw on the other source, on the other dimension of wealth. This spiritual dimension where Christ who shows us enters, who, although being poor, enriches everyone.

- Freedom does not consist in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we must.

- You need to have an enlightened and convinced faith in order to be enlightening and convincing.

- Respect this mystery! - Allow this mystery to act in every man!

- Faith does not mortify human intelligence, but stimulates it to reflect allowing it to better understand all the 'why's that arise from the observation of reality.

- Take your life in hand and make it a masterpiece.

- Rich is not he who possesses, but he who gives, he who is capable of giving.

- Allow him to develop in the external conditions of his earthly being.

- Love is the fundamental and native vocation of every human being.

- Peace requires four essential conditions: truth, justice, love and freedom.

- What a wonderful fate! Live with God and with God always, to be happy forever with him!

- The construction of a civilization of love requires strong and persevering temperament, willing to sacrifice and eager to open new paths to social coexistence, overcoming divisions and opposing materialisms.

- True love is a gift from God and respects his plan for the union of man and woman in marriage.

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