Phrases of Saint Veronica Giuliani: quotes from the writings


Quotes from the sentences taken from the writings of Santa Veronica Giuliani, thoughts of the author of a huge diary made up of over twenty thousand handwritten pages, now bound in 36 volumes. Born near Urbino in 1660, she died in 1727, after spending 50 years of her life in the monastery of the Poor Clares in Città di Castello, where she entered, becoming a nun, at only 17 years old. The first name was Orsola, it is considered one of the greatest mystics in Christian history.

Phrases of Saint Veronica Giuliani

- I found love! Tell everyone. This is the secret of my joys and my sufferings: Love let itself be found.

- Oh! if I could go all over the world, and proclaim to all the living beings who took into account this precious treasure of the cross! Which is so dear that I can't get it out of my mind. The day, I work with it; the night, rest in it; but that's not enough for me.

- When you think that God is far away, then he is closer.

- (... ..) There is nothing dearer in this life than suffering; there is nothing more precious than the cross; there is no more grateful contentment nor truer rejoicing than doing God's will, supreme Good; there is no fun or more pleasant relief than seeking suffering; there is no more gentle rest than being on the cross with your beloved Good. And in this we do not need to seek the feeling and taste of our spirit.

- Real life is when we love God and forget about us.

- Sisters, I'm not going to tell you more; I remind you, as I have told you before; if you want all virtues to be in us, let there be the foundation of them, holy humility: this is the foundation, charity is the queen of virtues. Having these two in us, you will have all the others; without these, all the other together are nothing.
All virtues must be of whatever sort one wants, all must be accompanied with these two, that is, humility and charity.

- Charity without love of God is like a dead thing. Love is what strengthens it and gives it life.

- The more you practice virtue, the more you understand.

- You must be in the frequent exercise of prayer which is the school where you learn every virtue.

- “Baby Jesus, he began to teach me the true way to obey. Since he was so small, he taught me the practice of hanging myself: humility makes me hanging
any proud and haughty giant; this is for me! "

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- It seemed to me that those who want humility must lose sight of themselves; stop thinking about yourself and be completely abandoned in God; and leave the cure to Him,
in all and for all. Oh! what a big point this is.

- Between the knowledge of nothingness and infinite love I could well see that the true path of love is holy humility.

Thoughts of Santa Veronica Giuliani

- Let's open our eyes a little, take a look at God and then we'll see who He is. It drives you crazy. I feel it, I feel it but I have no way of declaring myself, to manifest his works.

- I did not understand and I could not understand how you priests could hold that God in your hands and not go crazy with love.

- I had light over the virtue of obedience: how much value it has and how, by practicing it, you will quickly reach the peak of perfection.

- I had a reproach from Maria who made me understand her loyalty to me and my unfaithfulness in not going to her frequently, to ask her thanks for me and for all people. She is the Mother of mercy and she greatly appreciates that she is used.

- God has left us free will; but we must put it back in his hands, to always follow his will. If we want to save ourselves, it's up to us. This is a great point.

- Everything God wants, I want it; everything Maria wants, I want it; all that is of the greatest glory of God, I embrace it, I want it and I stop in it.

- I, like myself, can't do anything. An ant would throw me to the ground; but, standing firm in God, with faith and hope in Him, He will be the winner for me.

- A divided heart is not a good thing; everything must be stopped in God.

- The Lord makes me understand the great need I have to pray. In prayer we clearly see what we must do; what we need to learn to get to what God requires of us.

- The more the creature humbles herself and recognizes herself unworthy of any grace, the more God, with full hands, rains on her with an abundance of graces.

- The road to heaven is narrow, and few travel it: but it depends on us; because God has made everything easier for us, and nothing else asks that we do not offend him.

- .... I can't say anything else: God is mad, he makes love madness; I too went crazy, stunned for so good.

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