Phrases of San Camillo de Lellis: quotes and thoughts


Aphorisms, quotations and famous phrases of San Camillo de Lellis, founder of the Camillian order and sanctified by Pope Benedict XIV. Born in Bucchianico in Abruzzo to an aristocratic family, he began his journey of faith when he was hired in the convent of the Capuchin fathers of Manfredonia and became a friar at the age of 25.

Thoughts of San Camillo de Lellis

- I do not like pity that cuts hands to charity.

- If the infidels see our charity for the sick, they will not need other matters to convert.

- More heart in these hands.

- God is everything, the rest is nothing. Saving the soul is the only life commitment that is short.

- Lord, forgive this great sinner. Give me time to do penance. No more world, no more sins!

- Why not organize a company of pious and worthy men who, not for mercy, but voluntarily and for love of God serve the sick with that charity and loving kindness that mothers usually make for their own sick children?

- With the greatest possible diligence, with the affection of a mother towards her only sick child and looking at the poor as the person of Christ.

Quotes of San Camillo de Lellis

- Serve the sick, even plague, with a risk of life.

- The sick are the pupil and heart of God and what you do to these poor poor people is done to God himself.

- Whoever serves the sick, serves assists Christ our Redeemer.

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- None of the works of charity pleases God more than that of service to the sick poor.

- Who serves the sick, has a clear sign of predestination.

- My fathers and brothers, let us look to the person of Christ in the sick. These sick people we serve let us see the face of God one day.

- Since God did not want me Cappuccino, nor in that state of penance that I so longed to be and die, it is therefore a sign that He wants me here, at the service of these poor sick people of his.

Phrases of San Camillo de Lellis

- God sent us this infirmity because, having made good and perfect teachers in suffering, we know with more charity and compassion to serve and compassionate the sick.

- We wish, with the grace of God, to serve all the sick with all charity.

- The cross that we carry on our breast means that all of us, marked by this holy imprint, are like slaves sold and dedicated to the service of the poor sick and that this which we have embraced is a congregation of the cross, that is, death, suffering, toil.

- Macilent donkeys covered with a beautiful and rich gualdrappa .... (referring to the ministers of the sick who showed the cross without having an authentic charity).

- My Lord, my soul what can I do for you? (San Camillo asked an impatient sick man).

- We must never lose sight of God, but contemplate the Creator in the Creature.

- A good soldier dies in war, a good sailor dies at sea, a good minister of the sick dies in the hospital.

- The Lord left my hands without sores only, because if I had had these too, I could not have practiced for the benefit of the poor.

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