Phrases of Santa Gemma Galgani: quotes and aphorisms


Quotes, aphorisms and sentences of Saint Gemma Galgani, the Italian mystic spiritually close to the order of the Passionists who received the stigmata, aphorisms and quotations from the writings.

Quotes of Santa Gemma

- Those who truly love, willingly suffer.

- ... But I have Jesus, I have the angel, who occasionally presents me to kiss a big cross. How much more lovable is Jesus in humiliations!

- Jesus does not leave me alone for a moment, without my being always in company with my Guardian Angel.

- The angel, from the moment I got up, began to perform the function of my teacher and guide: he always took me back when I did something wrong and taught me to speak little.

- Whoever loves Jesus speaks little and endures a lot. He punctually obeys the confessor in everything without replying. When you make a mistake, you immediately accuse and apologize. Remember to hold your eyes and think that the mortified eye will see the wonders of the sky. (The Guardian Angel in Santa Gemma)

- Angel ... angel! ... My Jesus loves me, is it true? ... I also love him ... Tell him that I thank him for what he does for me ...

- Faith is enough for me, o Jesus; I live well with faith.

- The most painful moments are the most precious moments.

- Two things, O Jesus, crave my heart: live languishing, then die of love.

- If all men studied to love and know the true God, this world would change into a paradise.

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Aphorisms of Santa Gemma

- May the Heart of Jesus always be a friend of his heart, and sometimes remember the hours spent together. More please, remind Jesus of poor and mean Gemma Galgani. (written by Santa Gemma behind an image given by her, which represented Jesus welcoming a soul kneeling at his feet).

- I gave myself entirely to God.

- I gave myself entirely in the hands of God, I totally surrendered to his will.

- I am looking for Jesus, but to help me do his will. So I learned yet another thing: inside I no longer think ... looking ... I recommended all things to Jesus, and I live in silence and in peace of heart.

- I am of Jesus I was born for him ... What will he want from this poor ignorant and bad?

- I don't doubt Jesus; indeed with him I live happy; now I am happy too.

- I enjoy, Jesus, when You offer me the Cross.

- When Jesus is with me, I will no longer live in me, because Jesus will live in me.

- What joy is felt in abandoning oneself in the arms of Jesus!

- It feels so good in the arms of Jesus! It feels so good with Jesus alone!

Phrases of Santa Gemma

- The faithful soul becomes a very dear daughter of Jesus; opens his arms, if he squeezes it… .or Jesus, I need your affection so much!

- It is true that you cannot spend an instant without feeling in the greatest happiness, before Jesus in the Shrine of the tabernacle.

- And if Jesus allows me to enter the holy tabernacle, where body and blood is present, am I not perhaps in paradise?

- True love is felt with pain. Jesus, I am yours, body and soul. Whatever you suffer, yes, but I want to be all yours.

- Sanctify me, Jesus. Your memory, your sweetness always keep my soul united to you. Let him go from visible to invisible things, from earthly to heavenly things.

- O my God, or my Jesus ... what do you say, or Jesus? O true charity, you are my God because I always feel I am moving towards you, I always feel I am carrying you, and I hope to reach you. When I am with you I feel I have it back, but when you leave me, I feel I am missing, I fall. The faith that you put in my heart tells me to illuminate my steps. O my God, let whoever knows you know the truth, eternity ...

- Who like you, my God? Who similar to you? You are an almighty God. My Jesus, true truth, you are my God.

- When I found Jesus and his love, it is enough for me; I will not care if it is one way or another: I only want the love of Jesus, immense, perfect and satiating love.

- You alone, Jesus, because you alone can calm the storms that rise in my heart from time to time; you alone can reinvigorate my soul, you alone, because, even if you are alone, you can do everything.

- From a letter written by Santa Gemma to Mariano Giannini, a child who was preparing to receive First Communion:

- Look ... see: Jesus is there ... present in the holy tabernacle. You will not see it with the material eyes of the body, but you will feel it in your heart, when for the first time you receive it, and you will feel its dear presence .... Do not be afraid to approach him, go confidently to Jesus ... And Jesus there is gladly you know? He himself said that he finds his delights with being with the children of men.

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