Phrases of Santa Gianna Beretta Molla: a wonderful woman


Aphorisms and quotations from the phrases of Santa Gianna Beretta Molla, a woman who loved life, an exemplary bride and mother who gave her life to give birth to the last of her children.

Phrases of Santa Gianna

- Prayer is the search for God who is in heaven, and everywhere since it is infinite… ..

- Whoever does not pray cannot live in God's grace.

- Pray, pray well, pray a lot. Not only when we need thanks, not just to ask. The true prayer is that: of adoration, in recognition of the goodness, of the love of God, then of thanksgiving, I am nothing, yet I am a body, I have gifts, all your gift, you created the world for me. We see the hand of God everywhere and we thank him, for forgiveness, for request and not only for material things, but first seek the Kingdom of Heaven, grace, Paradise for us and for others. Pray, you will sanctify yourself and save yourself.

- Without the help of the Madonna in Heaven, one cannot go.

- Our Lady is the Mother cannot drop our question.

- There should never be a day in the life of an apostle that does not include a fixed time for a little recollection at the feet of God ...

- The more you feel the desire to give much, the more often you have to resort to the source which is God.

- The lukewarm people the Lord detests them. Semi-generosity Jesus did not love him.

- What is vocation? It is a gift from God - therefore it comes from God. If it is a gift from God, our concern must be to know the will of God.

- Every vocation is a vocation to maternity - material - spiritual - moral, because God has placed the instinct of life in us.

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- The great mystery of man: he is a body but he is also a supernatural soul. There is Jesus (who says): whoever visits the sick person helps "me". Priestly mission - just as he (the priest) can touch Jesus, so we (doctors) touch Jesus in the body of our sick: poor, young, old, children.

- The world seeks joy but does not find it because it is far from God. We, including that joy comes from Jesus, with Jesus in our hearts we bring joy. He will be the force that helps us.

- The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment, and to thank the Lord for all that He in his goodness sends us day by day.

- Loving means desire to perfect yourself, your loved one, overcome your selfishness, give yourself ...

- Love must be total, full, complete, regulated by the law of God, and eternal in Heaven.

- Love and sacrifice are as intimately linked as the sun and the light.

- One cannot love without suffering and suffering without loving.

- (...) And Jesus did not perhaps die on the cross for us, for our love! It is with the blood of sacrifice that love affirms and confirms itself. (...) And what is the best way to practice sacrifice? The best way is to worship the will of God every day, in all the little things that make us suffer, say, for everything that happens to us: "Fiat: your will, Lord!" And repeat it a hundred times a day!

- "We love the Cross" and remember that we are not alone, to carry it, but there is Jesus who helps us and in Him who comforts us, as St. Paul says, we can do everything.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla HD (April 2024)

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