Phrases of St. Leopold Mandic: prayers, life


Phrases of Saint Leopold Mandic, famous aphorisms and quotes from prayers, biography of life and miracles attributed to the intercession of this saint born in Montenegro and died in Padua.

San Leopoldo Mandic phrases

- When the Master God pulls us by the bridle, directly or indirectly, he always does it as a Father, with infinite goodness. Let us understand this paternal hand which with infinite love deigns to take care of us.

- There is no betrayal that equals the betrayal of affection in marriage.

- The love of Jesus, never tires of repeating, is a fire that is fed with the wood of sacrifice and the love of the cross; if it is not fed like this, it shuts down.

- One day Father Leopoldo was asked: Father, how do you understand the words of the Lord: May he who wants to follow me take up his cross every day? Do we have to do extraordinary penances for this? - There is no need to make extraordinary penances, he replied. As long as we patiently endure the ordinary tribulations of our miserable life: the misunderstandings, the ingratitudes, the humiliations, the sufferings caused by the changes in the season and the atmosphere in which we live ...

- We have a mother's heart in Heaven. The Virgin, our Mother, who at the foot of the Cross experienced all possible suffering for a human creature, understands our troubles and consoles us.

- I marvel at all the moments how man can endanger the salvation of his soul for absolutely futile and labile reasons.

- In the darkness of life, the torch of faith and devotion to Our Lady guide us to be very strong in hope.

- Wedding ring! have faith !, God is a doctor and medicine.

Prayers San Leopoldo Mandic

- O God, you wanted Mary mother of Christ and of the Church and cheered the life of Saint Leopold with a tender devotion to the Madonna; he consoles our life with the grace of his maternal goodness.

- O God, Almighty Father, you have enriched Saint Leopold with the abundance of your grace; through his intercession, grant us to live in abandonment to your will, in the hope of your promise, in the love of your presence.

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- O God, you manifest your omnipotence above all in mercy and forgiveness and you wanted St. Leopold to be your faithful witness; for its merits, grant us to celebrate, in the sacrament of Reconciliation, the greatness of your love.

- O God our Father, in Christ your Son, dead and risen, you have redeemed all our pain and you have wanted St. Leopold's paternal presence of consolation; instill in our souls the certainty of your presence and your help.

- O God, source of communion for all your children, you wanted Christ the only shepherd of your Church; through the intercession of Saint Leopold, silent prophet of spiritual ecumenism, infuse your Spirit in us, because we know how to pray and give life for the unity of all believers in you.

- O God, glorious Lord and Father of life, we entrust our hopes and prayers to your love; for the intercession of St. Leopold, look with benevolence on your children and answer our humble questions.

Vita San Leopoldo Mandic

Father Leopoldo Mandic was born on May 12, 1866 in Castelnuovo di Cattaro in Montenegro. In 1882 he entered the seminary of the Capuchins of Udine, in 1866 he took his vows in Bassano del Grappa, was ordained a priest on September 20, 1890.

Once he finished his studies, it was 1894, he was allowed to confess, he arrived in Padua in 1909, where he remained until his death.

Much revered and well-liked by faithful of all ages, belonging to every social class, he left earthly life in 1942. Graces and miracles are attributed to his intercession.

He was proclaimed Blessed by Paul VI in 1976, subsequently Saint by John Paul II in 1983.

St. Leopold Mandic | Obscure Saint (November 2022)

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