Phrases on Petrol: funny aphorisms


Funny phrases about petrol, nice aphorisms containing the term petrol, fuel gauge used to drive most motor vehicles.

Petrol aphorisms

- My concept of reckless life is to travel by car with the petrol light always on.

- When a woman tells you that you don't know what to do and she does everything, send her to fill up on petrol at the vending machine.

- The price of petrol continues to rise, this afternoon I had to go and sell my old car to fill the tank.

- I go to gasoline trusting managers who accept my tomatoes grown in the garden.

- A friend of mine was told to go to Lourdes to go walking again. Instead, it was enough for me to observe the price of gasoline skyrocketing.

- Attention should be paid to the stock market to understand if there is an ideal day for a full tank of petrol.

Phrases about petrol

- You go to space when some people on earth still can't refuel the automatic.

- Some individuals sometimes entertain themselves in front of the automatic petrol dispenser as if they had to decipher a magic code to make the precious liquid escape from the pump.

- I have transformed the engine of my car from petrol to ethanol and in fact I am saving a lot even if the car is no longer as good as before as it is zigzagging.

- A Filipino goes to a gas station with his old car and says to the manager: "Please put me two drops of petrol and two drops of oil". The gas station attendant looks at him and replies annoyed: "While we are here he wants me to inflate the tires too?".

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- If in this state we are able to build cars, it would also be good to learn how to produce an alternative fuel to overpriced petrol.

- Today you can go to the gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets closed: probably because they think that toilet paper is worth more than money.

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